Where is the best mule deer hunting in Nevada?

The iconic deer of the West, mule deer are to be found in the central and eastern areas of Nevada, where good spring rainfalls provide sufficient vegetation for grazing. Your best bet for snagging one is in late October to early November.

Where are the biggest mule deer?

Colorado: Colorado is king no matter how you slice the data. It puts out the most and biggest record mule deer bucks of any state in the country.

Is deer hunting good in Nevada?

Nevada has gained a reputation in recent years for producing some excellent trophy mule deer. The Silver State’s geography ranges from alpine conifers in the north to Mojave desert lowlands in the south, and makes for a variety of hunting conditions and habitats.

Where can I find high country mule deer?

Habitat to Look For

Once the snow levels begin to melt, high country mule deer will generally follow the snow line up to altitudes more suited for sheep and goats. The elevation in these ranges can vary from 9,000′ to 13,500′ above sea level, depending on which region of the Rockies you’re in.

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Where is the best place to hunt elk in Nevada?

The Best Elk Hunting Is In Lincoln County, Nevada

  • Lincoln County is a county located in the state of Nevada, south of White Pine County and north of Clark County. …
  • Are you planning to travel Nevada and really experience some wide-open spaces?


What is the best state to hunt mule deer?

5 Best States for Mule Deer Hunting

  • Colorado. Colorado is widely regarded as the nation’s top mule deer destination. …
  • Idaho. Idaho runs a close second to Colorado when it comes to mule deer hunting. …
  • Montana. Montana has a lot of country and lot of mule deer. …
  • Wyoming. …
  • Nebraska.


What is a trophy mule deer score?

Scores above 145 points would indicate a trophy mule deer buck. The Pope and Young Club accepts typical scores greater than 145 points and non-typical scores greater than 170 points. The Long Hunters accepts typical scores greater than 146 points and non-typical scores greater than 175 points.

Where is the best hunting in Nevada?

  • South Fork State Recreation Area. Size: ca. 4,000 acres. …
  • Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Size: 24,000 acres. Description: …
  • Black Rock Desert Wilderness. Size: 314,829 acres. Description: …
  • Desert National Wildlife Refuge. Size: 1.5 million acres. Description: …
  • Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Size: 6,3 million acres.


What can you hunt year-round in Nevada?

Hunting in Nevada: 3 Animals to Hunt Year-round

  • Black-tailed Jackrabbit. The black-tailed jackrabbit lives in extreme environments, including the deserts of Nevada. …
  • Snakes. Hunting in Nevada can include several snakes, many of which are found in the deserts. …
  • Coyotes.
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Can you hunt on your own land in Nevada?

It is legal to hunt on private lands, but hunters must have the permission of the landowner to come onto the premises and to hunt. 2. Hunters must have a valid license (and any applicable tags) to hunt on private land – m just like what is necessary for hunting on public lands.

What side of the hill do mule deer bed on?

Mule deer often bed down on the leeward side of any roll in the topography, so keep this in mind as move across the land.

What is the best way to hunt mule deer?

For the best place to find mule deer, pick a good vantage point and look to the shade. Mulies typically favor the shade, but don’t let that keep you from glassing into every possible location. As you plan out when and where to glass, consider where the mule deer spends most of their time living.

How do you spot a bedded mule deer?

Look for scalloped-out dishes in dirt or disturbed dirt in the shade of ridgeline rocks or juniper trees. Bucks often bed in places that get midday shade, so look beneath overhanging rocks and limbs. USE YOUR OPTICS: Ideally, you want to spot a buck in his bed from a distance.

Are there elk in Nevada?

Hunt Nevada

Nevada’s big game species include mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, three sub-species of bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat and black bear.

Are elk in Nevada?

Nevada is home to some of the largest elk in the western United States. All of our elk hunts are 2 guides for every hunter. This is to ensure no only a successful hunt, but is also needed to handle & harvest these large animals.

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Is there elk hunting in Nevada?

In Nevada we offer guided Rocky Mountain elk hunts in most units in the state and if we don’t guide there we can recommend a good outfitter. These hunts are in prime elk territory with an excellent chance of harvesting a bull of a lifetime.

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