Where can I hunt rabbits in Montana?

Can you hunt rabbits in Montana?

In Montana, rabbits are open season year around and have no limits on harvest. Shooting enough for a meal requires marksmanship and great observation skills. Winter is a great time to hunt rabbits, when they stand out against the white snow.

Where can I find rabbits to hunt?

The absolute best locations for finding rabbits are areas with extremely dense cover. Gnarly tangles of briars, thorns, honeysuckle, and brush are difficult to reach for coyotes and foxes and make great locations for rabbits to hide from birds of prey. Likewise, they are hard to “kick up” by walking hunters.

Where can I hunt in Montana?

With more than 33 million acres of public land, Montana offers incredible access to western big-game hunting and fine fishing.

  • Gallatin National Forest. • 1.8 million acres. …
  • Flathead National Forest. • 2. …
  • School Trust Lands. • 5.5 million acres available. …
  • Kootenai National Forest. …
  • Lewis and Clark National Forest.
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Where do you shoot a rabbit to kill it?

An ethical shot for rabbit hunters is the headshot, leading to instant and pain-free death. When aiming at a running rabbit, aim ahead so that the bullet catches the rabbits nose. If the rabbit is motionless, aim your . 22 caliber rifle below the rabbit’s ear just behind its eye.

Can I shoot squirrels in Montana?

Examples include badger, raccoon, red fox, hares, rabbits, ground squirrels, marmots, tree squirrels porcupines and prairie dogs. Furbearers are protected game species that may only be taken by residents with a valid trapping license during prescribed open seasons.

Can you shoot from a vehicle in Montana?

Senate Bill 91 stipulates that as long as a hunter “has both feet on the ground outside of a vehicle” they’re legal. … Shooting game from vehicles has been a crime in Montana for decades.

Is rabbit hunting easy?

Rabbit hunting isn’t a complicated sport. It can be as simple as a quiet walk with the ol’ single-shot and a pocketful of shells. Or it can be a precise outdoor ritual with packs of beagles, planning to decide who will hunt where and the specialized equipment many hunters take along.

What time of day is best for rabbit hunting?

Hunting anytime after the first frost (or late fall) is also ideal because unhealthy rabbits won’t have survived the colder temperatures. Hunters with dogs find early morning is an ideal time to hunt; rabbits move around at night and dogs can easily find scent in the morning.

What does rabbit footprints look like in the snow?

Rabbit tracks are one of the most commonly seen after a snow. Look for the repeating bound patterns. Each group of 4 tracks tends to form a tall, thin rectangle. … Rabbits also have small round toes and fur covered feet while squirrels have long fingers.

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Can you hunt in Montana without a guide?

To hunt in Montana, you need a general big-game or species license as well as, in some cases, a permit entitling you to hunt in a specific area or type of animal. … Montana requires that all hunters and guides must wear a minimum of 400 square inches of hunter orange visible above the waist.

How much does a hunting trip to Montana Cost?

Archery Hunts

Elk/Deer Combo or Elk – 6 Day Hunt $4,750
Mule Deer – 5 Day Hunt $4,500
Antelope – 3 Day Hunt $2,400
Big Horn Sheep – 6 Day Hunt Call for Pricing

Can you hunt on Sunday in Montana?

We’re lucky here in Montana with our long hunting seasons, low cost hunting licenses and the ability to hunt on any day that ends in “Y”. But that’s not the case in other states who must adhere to BLUE LAWS which disallow hunting on Sundays.

Can a BB gun kill rabbits?

Yes. A well placed shot could kill a rabbit, but check whether or not it is legal to hunt rabbits with an airgun in your area. … guns shoots well and is powerful, the BB go right through a rabbit. I shot hundreds of BB out of it, and its on target.

Can a 22 air rifle kill rabbits?

22 is widely regarded as the best option for rabbit shooting, as it has a good “smacking power” and is therefore ideal for achieving a clean kill. There are also more pellets available for this calibre, giving you a wider range of options.

What does rabbit taste like?

The general consensus is that rabbit tastes similar to chicken. This is not entirely true, mostly because rabbit has a gamier and more intense flavour. The texture is different too, rabbit being more on the dry side. Some types of rabbit with great taste include Californian rabbit, silver fox, and Cinnamon rabbit.

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