What do I need to hunt turkey in Georgia?

Hunting deer, bear and turkey requires a Big Game License plus free Harvest Record for deer or turkey. Migratory bird hunting (including dove) requires the Georgia Migratory Bird Stamp, and hunting duck and geese additionally requires the Federal Duck Stamp ($25).

Do you have to wear orange when turkey hunting in GA?

Do not stalk a gobbling turkey. Due to their keen eyesight and hearing, the chances of getting close are slim to none. … If possible, cover the turkey in a blaze orange garment or other material. Although not required, it is suggested that hunters wear blaze orange when moving between a vehicle and a hunting site.

Can you hunt turkey from a tree stand in Georgia?

Perfectly legal If you just want to kill one . You are more likely to get busted though.

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Can you hunt turkey in Georgia?

Home to Realtree’s headquarters, Georgia is one fine turkey hunting state to visit in spring. Fact is, management of its turkey hunting populations is strictly a spring-oriented deal, and has been for a long time. No fall turkey hunting seasons are offered in the state.

What do you need to hunt in Georgia?

Hunting Licenses

  1. Residency. RESIDENT means any person who has been domiciled within the State of Georgia (declared Georgia their only state of legal residence) for a period of at least three months. …
  2. Hunter Education. …
  3. License Requirements. …
  4. Age Requirements. …
  5. LANDS PASS. …
  6. FREE Licenses. …
  7. Types of Licenses.

What colors should you not wear while turkey hunting?

Hunting Safety

Never wear any visible article of clothing into the turkey woods that contains the colors white, red or blue. Not only will turkeys spot you, but these colors are associated with the head of a male turkey, and that can make you a target too.

What color should you not wear turkey hunting?

Never wear bright colors, especially not red, white, blue or black because these are the colors of a wild turkey gobbler. Watch out for red, white or blue on your socks, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, hats, bandannas, etc. Wear dark undershirts and socks, and pants long enough to be tucked into boots.

Can you kill 2 turkeys a day in Georgia?

They can kill only one bird on any single WMA. If they do kill a bird on any one WMA or the forest, they can go kill their second bird on some other piece of public land.

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How many turkeys can you kill in Georgia 2021?

With a bag limit of three gobblers per season, hunters have from Mar. 20 through May 15 to harvest their bird(s). Georgia Game Check: All turkey hunters must report their harvest using Georgia Game Check.

Can turkeys see you in a tree stand?

Ground Blind Hunting

A turkey’s primary predator defense mechanism, and thus its strongest sense, is its vision. When you move at ground level without any kind of cover, a turkey is very likely to spot you and that will be the end of your turkey hunt.

Can you bait turkeys in Georgia?

Georgia DNR: Hunting Turkeys Over Bait is Illegal; Grady County Hunters Busted. In the State of Georgia, hunting turkeys over bait is illegal – but some hunters may not have gotten the memo.

What is special opportunity turkey season in Georgia?

The statewide turkey hunting season opens March 20. However, youth and mobility-impaired hunters utilizing private land have an early chance to harvest a bird during the special opportunity turkey season March 13-14, 2021, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

How do I start turkey hunting?

Here’s how.

  1. Start in a location where you’ve found turkey sign by scouting. Maybe you’ve heard gobblers waking up on the roost in a general area. …
  2. Slip into an area in mid-afternoon where you’ve heard birds before, or maybe just where you’ve found some decent habitat. Sit quietly and listen. …
  3. Get some sleep yourself.


Can you hunt with an AR 15 in GA?

223 bullet, accurate shooting, and a good AR-15, outdoors enthusiasts can have a freezer full of venison. “In Georgia,” said U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Matt Kilgo, “deer may be taken with any modern center-fire rifle that is . 22 caliber or larger when loaded with expanding bullets.

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Can I hunt on my own land without a license in Georgia?

Landowners. Nonresident landowners owning land in Georgia must obtain a nonresident license to hunt or fish. Nonresident family members of a resident landowner must obtain a nonresident license to hunt or fish, except that nonresidents under age 16 may fish or hunt small game without a Georgia license.

Can you shoot a deer on your property in Georgia?

There are, however, new exceptions for baiting deer. Deer may be hunted over or near any bait on private lands in all counties provided the hunter has written permission from the landowner. … Be sure to consult Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources Publications, and the law, before you hunt.

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