What day does duck season start in Georgia?

With respect to wetland habitat in Georgia, wintering waterfowl should find excellent habitat conditions this year because of recent rains. Beaver ponds and other natural wetlands should be at full pool for much of the state during the 2020 waterfowl hunting season.” Duck season dates are Nov. 21-29 and Dec.

Is duck season in in Georgia?

The general hunting season for ducks is Nov. 21-29 and Dec. 12 to Jan. 31.

How long does duck season last in GA?

Georgia Hunting

Species Dates
Migratory Birds Ducks Nov. 21 – 29 Dec. 12 – Jan. 31
Teal Sept. 12 – 27
Gallinules Nov. 21 – 29 Dec. 12 – Jan. 31
Coots Nov. 21 – 29 Dec. 12 – Jan. 31

Where can I duck hunt in Georgia?

Georgia Power Lakes (North Georgia)

Lakes open for duck and goose hunting: Lake Burton, Lake Seed, Lake Rabun, Tallulah Falls Lake, Lake Tugalo and Lake Yonah.

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How many ducks can you shoot in Georgia?

updated May 2021 All Georgia hunting regulations can be found at https://georgiawildlife.com/hunting/regulations. Duck Species Daily Bag Limits: 1 Black or Mottled Duck, 2 Canvasback, 1 Fulvous Whistling Duck, 2 Mallards (only 1 may be a hen), 1 Pintail, 2 Redheads, 1 Scaup, 3 Wood Ducks.

It is illegal to hunt waterfowl in an area where such feeding has occurred that could lure or attract migratory game birds to, on, or over any area where hunters are attempting to take them.

How many mallards can you kill in Georgia?

Mallard limit cut in half to two per day, pintail limit is now one for 2019-2020 Georgia duck season. Waterfowl hunters can begin making season plans now that the 2019-2020 migratory bird season hunting dates and regulations were recently approved by the Board of Natural Resources.

What is needed to duck hunt in GA?

These include the free Harvest Record for deer and turkey, the Georgia Migratory Bird Stamp (at no additional cost for Sportsman’s License holders) and the free annual Saltwater Information Program (SIP) permit for saltwater fishing. A paid Federal Duck Stamp ($25) is needed to hunt duck and geese.

What kind of ducks live in Georgia?

Blue-winged teal are early migrants, and often pass through Georgia as early as September. Together, these species account for about 7% of Georgia’s annual duck harvest. Other dabblers found in Georgia include American wigeon, northern shoveler, mottled duck, gadwall, and northern pintail.

What birds are illegal to kill in Georgia?

It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt, trap, take, possess, sell, purchase, ship, or transport any hawk, eagle, owl, or any other bird or any part, nest, or egg thereof, except for the English or European house sparrow, the European starling, feral pigeons, and domestic fowl, and except as otherwise permitted by …

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Where is the best duck hunting in Georgia?

Phinizy Swamp, which consists mostly of flooded timber near Augusta, attracts many wintering teal, mallards, gadwalls, ringnecks and wood ducks, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said the property “provides excellent hunting opportunity.” Other likely spots include Fishing Creek WMA, Lake Juliette and Rum …

Can you kill geese in Georgia?

It is illegal to hunt, kill, sell, purchase or possess Canada geese except according to Georgia’s mi- gratory bird regulations. The following guidelines provide legal means to help repel Canada geese. This can be a trial and error process requiring patience and persistence.

Can you duck hunt rivers in Georgia?

All rivers above the fall line are non-navigable, with one exception that’s not relevant. If a landowner owns both sides of a non-navigable waterway, he can control who traverses his property. That principal has been well established in several Georgia cases.

Is it illegal to kill a mockingbird in Georgia?

A: This is a tricky question to answer. Mockingbirds are protected by both state and Federal law. Therefore I can’t tell you to harass them with a Super Soaker water gun or to destroy their early nests via weekly inspection of the hollies.

Is it illegal to shoot an owl in Georgia?

“Hawks and owls are protected under state and federal law, so yes, it is illegal,” said Grant County Department of Natural Resources game warden Rick DeWitt. “They are not game, you can’t shoot them,” he said. They can only be captured, killed or possessed with a special permit.

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How many wood ducks can you kill in the state of Georgia?

6 is the maximum number you can shoot in a day. 12 is the maximum number can can have in your possession. If you and buddy go out and shoot 6 a piece he can give you his 6.

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