Is bottomland camo good for turkey hunting?

With Bottomland’s natural bark elements, this pattern is ideal for hunting ducks in flooded timber, turkey hunting in the hardwoods, or deer hunting from a treestand.

What camo pattern is best for turkey hunting?

Two of the best turkey hunting camo patterns are the Realtree® EDGE™ and Realtree® Timber™ camo patterns. The EDGE™ camo is the newest pattern from Realtree®. From a turkey hunting clothing perspective, EDGE™ is a camo that works from opening day to the last day of the season.

Is mossy oak bottomland good for turkey hunting?

Depending on the weather of the turkey season opening day, there will be little or no green in the woods. Patterns such as Mossy Oak “Bottomland” or Realtree “Hardwoods HD” are great choices. … As green starts to creep into your hunting area, Realtree “Xtra Green” and Mossy Oak “Obsession” patterns are excellent choices.

Does camo pattern matter for Turkey?


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You’ve noticed by now that full camouflage is a necessity for turkey hunting. … The one camouflage-breaking color you might have to wear is fluorescent orange. Some states in certain turkey seasons require hunters to wear some form of fluorescent orange while moving or sitting.

What is the difference between bottomland and bottomland?

Obscure your outline from every angle.

Bottomland is Mossy Oak’s original camo pattern, created by Toxey Haas two decades ago. This pattern preserves the original design while applying advanced technology for increased effectiveness.

What time of day are most turkeys killed?

Time of Day

Many hunters are in the woods before dawn, and most turkeys are killed before 8 a.m. However, turkey hunting after 8 a.m. can be rewarding. Most people leave the woods by 10 a.m. If you have the patience to stay late, there are fewer hunters in the woods competing for available birds.

What colors should you not wear while turkey hunting?

Hunting Safety

Never wear any visible article of clothing into the turkey woods that contains the colors white, red or blue. Not only will turkeys spot you, but these colors are associated with the head of a male turkey, and that can make you a target too.

Is a ghillie suit good for turkey hunting?

One Of The Best Camouflage

Although other forms of camouflage such as best turkey hunting vest with seat or any camouflage pattern clothing are available, ghillie suits still reserve their unique place. Plus, they are a great advantage when you choose to chase gobblers without a blind.

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Is mossy oak bottomland good for deer hunting?

Bottomland & Original Bottomland

With Bottomland’s natural bark elements, this pattern is ideal for hunting ducks in flooded timber, turkey hunting in the hardwoods, or deer hunting from a treestand.

What is Mossy Oak Break Up?


Using dramatically larger limbs, leaves, bark, branches and other digitally enhanced natural elements, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country annihilates your outline and fuses you with the terrain like no pattern that has come before it – at any distance, anywhere across the country.

What colors can Turkeys see?

Turkeys, however, have seven different kinds of photoreceptors: one rod, four single cones, and two double cones. This allows them to see a broader spectrum of colors, and even see UVA light. What this means is that in addition to being able to see color better than us, they can also see in the ultraviolet spectrum.

What color should you wear while turkey hunting?

Never wear red, white, blue, or black, the colors of a male wild turkey. Dress defensively, and wear hunter orange when moving in the turkey woods. Never stalk turkey sounds or attempt to sneak up on wild turkeys. Always call the turkey to you.

Will Turkey come out in the rain?

Rain: I love hunting in light to moderate rain because I have a good idea what turkeys will do. Generally, birds will congregate and feed in open areas, such as pastures, meadows, clear-cuts or agricultural fields. For rainy fly-down hunts, I set up at likely areas near roosts.

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What is Break-Up camo?

Break-Up Country camouflage gear features digitally enhanced limbs, bark and leaves to help fuse you with your hunting terrain. These specially crafted prints offer natural hues and patterns that help you blend with the environment like never before.

What is hunting camo called?

General Camo Patterns

  • Badlands Approach Camo.
  • Cabela’s Outfitter Camo.
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.
  • MultiCam Camo.
  • Natural Gear Camo.
  • Ridge Reaper Camo Forest.
  • Badlands Approach Camo.
  • King’s Desert Shadow.


Is Mossy Oak good camo?

Treestand Hunting

Mossy Oak Treestand camouflage is designed specifically for these situations. … Our Verdict: The Advantage Timber pattern is absolutely one of the best we’ve seen when you’re hunting from the trees.

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