How much is a deer hunting license in Iowa?

Resident Any-Sex Tags $33.00 Y
Resident 1st Antlerless Tag $28.50 Y
Resident Additional Antlerless $15.00 Y
Resident Landowner / Tenant Any-Sex $2.00 Y

What license do I need to hunt deer in Iowa?

To hunt in Iowa, nonresidents need to purchase a hunting license ($131.00) and a nonresident habitat fee ($15.00). To hunt deer you will also need your tags, sold as an any-sex tag and antlerless tag combination ($498.00). The total for a deer hunting application will be $644.00 plus applicable fees.

How do you get a hunting license in Iowa?

Get certified and start hunting in three easy steps:

  1. Complete the Iowa online course work.
  2. Complete a hunter education field day class.
  3. Receive your Iowa hunter education certificate.


When can you buy deer tags in Iowa?

Hunters may purchase one antlerless only deer license until Sept. 15, then as many as they want until the season ends or quotas fill. The price of an Iowa deer license is $28.50.

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How long does a hunting license last in Iowa?

Iowa DNR Customer Service

Iowa residents can choose a three-year, one-year, or one of our short-term licenses. Or get an Outdoor Combo so you are ready to fish AND hunt. There are many options to help get you out on the water.

How many deer can you kill in Iowa?

The possession limit is one deer per license. A person may shoot and tag a deer only by utilizing the license and tag issued in the person’s name. 106.4(3) Regular gun seasons. The bag limit is one deer for each hunter in the party who has a valid deer transportation tag.

Can a 10 year old hunt in Iowa?

Under 10 years of age are not allowed to hunt. Must be at least 10 years of age to attend firearms/archery safety course. Young deer hunters between the age of 10 through 15 must possess a junior license. Over 16 must have a valid adult license to hunt.

Do you need a hunting license on private property in Iowa?

You need a license to hunt on your own property. Find forms and directions at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website.

Does Iowa have a lifetime hunting license?

The Department of Natural Resources will issue a lifetime combination hunting and fishing license to a resident of Iowa who served in the armed forces of the United States on active federal service (inclusive of training), who was disabled or was a prisoner of war during that veteran’s military service.

Can felons bow hunt in Iowa?

Typically, a convicted felon is permitted to use bows and what I would call “primitive” firearms, like muskets or muzzleloaders. … These laws also depend on what felony you were convicted of!

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“What they don’t tolerate is trophy hunting or baiting or those types of things that are less than fair chase.” The current administrative rule in Iowa bans intentionally placing harvested grain, fruit, vegetables, salt or other food items in an area being hunted with hopes of attracting a deer.

How many deer tags can a landowner in Iowa get?

Iowa hunting law allows a resident landowner to obtain annually up to two deer hunting licenses – one antlered or any sex deer hunting license and one antlerless deer free of charge. Iowa Code §483A. A resident landowner may also buy two antlerless deer hunting licenses.

Where is the best deer hunting in Iowa?

Clayton County has been the top spot for deer hunters over the past five consecutive years, flanked by other northeast Iowa counties where deer harvest is high, largely because deer habitat is abundant in that part of the state.

Does a 15 year old need a federal duck stamp?

While all waterfowl hunters 16 years of age or older are required to purchase an annual stamp, anyone can participate in conservation by buying Duck Stamps. … A current Federal Duck Stamp is a free pass to any national wildlife refuge that charges an entry fee.

How old do you have to be to get a lifetime hunting license in Iowa?

Iowa Resident

All Iowa residents age 16 or older must have a resident hunting license. Residents ages 16 to 64 must pay the Wildlife Habitat Fee. Additional licenses may be required.

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Can you shoot squirrels in Iowa?

There is no restriction on shooting hours. Both the gray squirrel and the fox squirrel can be taken in Iowa. Hunters looking for places to go rabbit or squirrel hunting should use Iowa’s online hunting atlas at, with more than 600,000 acres of public land that allows hunting.

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