Does Montana have a spring bear season?

Seasons open statewide on April 15 and last until May 31 or June 15, depending on the unit. Hunter orange is required — even if hunting with archery equipment.

How long is spring bear season in Montana?

Montana Black Bear Seasons

Fall General Season Sept. 15-Nov. 29
Fall Archery Season Sept. 5-14
Spring General Season Apr. 15-June 15**

How do you hunt a spring black bear in Montana?

Montana is a fair chase method state for bear. Spotting and stalking are the main methods used in this hunt. To hunt for Montana black bear we utilize closed roads, open brush fields and natural feeding habitats to hunt for Montana black bear.

What states have spring bear seasons?

States That Allow Spring Bear Hunting

  • Alaska.
  • Arizona.
  • Idaho.
  • Montana.
  • Oregon.
  • Utah.
  • Washington.
  • Wyoming.


When can you hunt bear in Montana?

Our spring bear hunts start April 15th and ends June 15th. We truly have the best bear hunting in the state of Montana.

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Do you have to wear orange bear hunting in Montana?

Montana law requires that all big game hunters and those accompanying them (including guide/outfitter) must wear at least 400 square inches of Hunter Orange above the waist. A hat or cap alone is not sufficient.

How much does a bear tag cost in Montana?

Montana black bear license fees
Base hunting license $10 $15
Conservation license $8 $10
Black bear license $19 $350
Total cost to hunt $37 $375

Can you kill bears in Montana?

Current law says it’s legal to kill or attempt to kill a grizzly bear in self-defense, or if the bear is “in the act of attacking or killing” livestock. Senate Bill 98 would allow the killing of grizzlies that are “threatening to kill” people or livestock.

Can you hunt grizzly bears in Montana?

But U.S. District Court Judge Dana Christensen halted it. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks opted to not hold a hunt. Montana was the last state to hold a grizzly hunting season in the lower 48 states. … Grizzlies were classified as a threatened species in 1975 in the Lower 48 states under the Endangered Species Act.

Is spring or fall bear hunting better?

Spring bears are lean; fall bears are heavier…and with less carrion and more berries, the meat is probably better. As for quality of coat, that’s a grab-bag. … The very best hides are probably late fall, just before hibernation…but that’s not consistent.

What state has the best bear hunting?

In my opinion, the best states to hunt for spring black bears are Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Yes, there are a lot more western states that allow you to hunt black bears in the spring, but, let’s face it: you have a limited amount of time, so why not go where the bear numbers are highest.

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Where are black bears in spring?

– Many spring black bears will almost always be just below snow line where the grass is really starting to green up. The higher the snow line in your area, the higher your going to have to hike to find the bears. 3) Find the greenest grass.

What state has the best black bear hunting?

ALASKA. Alaska is the holy grail of black bear hunting. Not only can you shoot up to three bears per year, as long as they’re in the appropriate designated areas, but also you can hunt spring and fall – with dogs, over bait, even from a boat or a snow machine provided that you’re at a complete stop before shooting.

Montana does not allow bear baiting and many hunters believe it violates the tenets of fair chase. … The Forest Service once regulated bear baiting practices on national forests, but in the 1990s it delegated control to the states.

Can you bait black bears in Montana?

Montana black bear are fair game in both the fall and spring! … Montana bear hunting is pure fair chase, no baiting or use of dogs, in fact we can’t even use scents. In the fall, we can hunt black bear in combination with other species hunts.

How many black bears are in Montana?

Black Bear population in 41 U.S. states

State Name Black Bear Population
Missouri 540-840
Montana 15,000
Nebraska Low/rare sightings
Nevada 300-500
Good hunting