Can you own a black bear in Oklahoma?

Summary: Under these Oklahoma statutes, no person may possess any wildlife or parts thereof during the closed season, any endangered or threatened species or parts thereof at any time, or any native bear or native cat that will grow to reach the weight of 50 lbs. or more, with exceptions.

Are black bears protected in Oklahoma?

Black bear hunting will be allowed in more counties in southeastern Oklahoma this fall under rules approved Monday by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission. Since 2009, black bear hunting has been legal in only four southeastern Oklahoma counties: Latimer, Le Flore, Pushmataha and McCurtain.

How much is a black bear tag in Oklahoma?

Hunters must purchase a special tag to hunt black bears prior to the season. For resident hunters, the cost is $101, and for nonresident hunters, it’s $506.

Can you hunt black bear in Oklahoma?

In southeast Oklahoma, four counties are open to bear hunting and you can hunt bears over bait on private land.

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How big are black bears in Oklahoma?

Weights of adults range from 200 to 600 pounds for males and 100 to 300 for females. Both male and female black bears mature at about 3 1/2 years of age and may live for 25 years. Black bears hibernate during winter but will awaken quickly if disturbed.

Are there black panthers in Oklahoma?

Are there black panthers in Oklahoma? It’s not impossible for somebody to see a large black cat in Oklahoma. What is impossible, or has not been documented in any setting in any region of North America, is a black mountain lion. There are black jaguars.

Are there grizzly bears in Oklahoma?

Some species no longer exist in Oklahoma. The black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes), red wolf (Canis rufus), gray wolf (Canis lupus), and grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) are extinct in the state.

How much is a bear tag in Oklahoma?

Hunting Licenses

License/Permit Cost Requirements
Turkey (spring or fall) $10 Oklahoma resident
Bear $101 Oklahoma resident; must be purchased before season begins
Antelope $51 Oklahoma resident
Annual Hunting $25 Oklahoma resident

What is the fine for fishing without a license in Oklahoma?

Fishing without a license, a $221 fine if convicted, is the most common citation issued across Oklahoma because it is the easiest violation to discover, Gomez said.

Are there mountain lions in Oklahoma?

State wildlife officials verified more sightings of mountain lions in Oklahoma in 2020 than any other year since the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation started keeping such data in 2002. … There have been 40 confirmed mountain lion sightings since 2002 in the state, according to the Wildlife Department.

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What kind of bear is in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Bears

Black bears are established primarily in southeastern and east-central Oklahoma.

How many black bears are there in Oklahoma?

A new hunting season may be on the horizon in Oklahoma. Based on research done by the Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the black bear population in Oklahoma is estimated at 450.

How do you attract black bears?

There are two objectives that you want your bait to achieve; you want it to attract bears and you want it to hold bears. When I bait to attract, I tie a beaver carcass, where legal, high on a tree trunk. The higher the better, as the scent will be carried further away. Beaver are greasy and smelly and bears love them.

What dangerous animals live in Oklahoma?

Table of Contents show

  • Black widow.
  • Brown recluse.
  • Western diamondback.
  • Western cottonmouth.
  • Copperhead.
  • Timber rattlesnake.
  • Pygmy rattlesnake.
  • Prairie rattlesnake.


Where do black bears live in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Bears

Black bears are established primarily in southeastern and east-central Oklahoma.

Are there moose in Oklahoma?

A wandering bull moose that has been seen on occasion in the Oklahoma Panhandle apparently is in deep trouble in western Kansas. … It was seen in Oklahoma last September, near the Optima Wildlife Refuge. The Kansas wildlife agency said when the moose returned to that state in November, its health had deteriorated.

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