Can you hunt with a pellet gun in Indiana?

(12) Firearms, weapons, pellet guns, air guns, bows and guns and cross bows are prohibited.

The definition of the Indiana law regarding airsoft guns

Definitions. The law says that any weapon that is capable of expelling a projectile by means of an explosion is considered as firearm. Therefore, Airsoft and Air guns which are powered by compressed air or gas are not regulated by the „firearm“ state gun laws.

Can you hunt deer in Indiana with an air rifle?

One of the updates states that “air-guns and air-bows” are now legal for deer hunting during the firearms season in Indiana.

Does a pellet gun count as a firearm?

All classified firearms are required to be licensed in terms of the act. Airguns still count as firearms if used in a crime, and can’t be fired in public areas. Airguns may be carried on one’s person concealed/openly.

‘It’s no different than a regular firearm’

30, on private lands only, air guns are legal because because hunters are allowed to use a weapon of choice, not just primitive weapons. In addition, as the digest states, they are legal on private lands during any open gun season for deer.

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22-caliber rimfire rifle is recommended. Shooting into or disturbing leaf nests and squirrel dens is illegal at all times.


Resident Hunting License Requirements for Small Game, Game Birds, Migratory Birds
Animal License Required
Rabbit, Squirrel* Hunting
Frog, Turtle Hunting or Fishing
Game Birds

He was preliminarily charged with beating a vertebrate animal, but not for his unusual choice of weapon. That’s because in Indiana it’s perfectly legal to own a blowgun, even though in some states, such as California, they’re illegal. Blowguns aren’t the only unusual weapon that’s allowed in Indiana.

Can you hunt deer from a boat in Indiana?

It is illegal to hunt furbearers from any boat.

What can you hunt in Indiana right now?

Indiana hunting seasons include a selection of small game and several deer seasons. Turkey, squirrel, grouse and other woodland game round out the hunting opportunities. Indiana also offers trapping seasons for fox, coyote, raccoon and other fur bearing animals.

Will a pellet gun stop an intruder?

Multiple shots from a medium powered air gun will definitely stun an intruder to say the least. If nothing else, it will give you some time to escape and call 911. The ideal target is the face and particularly the eyes. Eye shots will blind the intruder and most likely kill them immediately.

How far will a .177 pellet go?

177 pellet can travel approximately 400 yards.

Can you hunt with an air javelin?

With the Umarex AirJavelin, you’ll have more than enough power to hunt small game and the AR-style buttstock makes maneuvering in the field easy. The AirJavelin is powered by a 88 gram CO2 cartridge that will provide up to 27 shots, allowing you to send the included arrows downrange quickly.

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