Can you hunt on your own land in Illinois?

Hunting is also allowed on private land with the permission of the landowner. Land Access Permission Card can be found here. Check out the Public Hunting Areas Reports from the previous hunting season to see the harvest results on public land sites.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt on your own property in Illinois?

Where can I hunt deer in Illinois? … Hunting is also allowed on private property IF you have received prior permission from the landowner or tenant. IDNR has a Land Access Permission Card to facilitate this approval. “Property Only Hunting” permits are available to landowners who meet the requirements.

How much land do you need to hunt in Illinois?

It combines current provisions for deer, turkey and combination hunting licenses to Illinois landowners residing in Illinois who own at least 40 acres of Illinois land and wish to hunt upon their land only, resident tenants of at least 40 acres of commercial agricultural land where they will hunt and bona fide equity …

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Can you hunt in your backyard in Illinois?

There is not a set distance that you have to be from a house when hunting with a bow or shotgun. … This rule applies even if you are hunting on your own property. You must also ask permission if you are within 300 yards of a house and hunting with a rifle, handgun, or deer slugs such as a muzzleloader.

How far away from a house can you hunt in Illinois?

Statewide Regulations

You cannot legally hunt or allow a dog to hunt within 300 yards of an inhabited dwelling without first obtaining permission of the owner or tenant of the dwelling.

Can I shoot a coyote on my property in Illinois?

Coyotes are nocturnal and usually feed from dusk to dawn—the key word here is “usually.” Coyotes can be hunted and trapped year ’round in Illinois, and the use of electronic calls is legal. Check the State of Illinois Hunting and Trapping Regulations for further information.

The Directory of Illinois Wildlife provides information on how to prevent and solve problems with mammals. Most small mammals may be killed or removed without a permit (for example, house mice, Norway rats, moles, voles, gophers, shrews, chipmunks, and thirteen- lined ground squirrels).

How many deer can you kill in Illinois?

BAG LIMIT: One deer per legally authorized permit. No hunter, regardless of the quantity or type of permits in his/her possession, may harvest more than 2 antlered deer during a year, including the Youth, Archery, Muzzleloader and Firearm Seasons.

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How far do you have to hunt from a road in Illinois?

According to the regulation on pages 10-11 of the book as long as you are outside the highway right-of-way you are legal to hunt and it also says you must be no closer than 300 yards form a dwelling unless you are hunting with a bow or shotgun with shot shells. There is no established distance from roads.

Do you have to have a fishing license to fish on private property in Illinois?

Q: Do I need a fishing license to fish my private pond located entirely on my property? A: No. Owners or tenants (if they reside on the land) may fish in waters on or flowing over their lands without a license. This exemption does not apply to club and organizational lakes or lake developments.

Do you need a FOID card to hunt Illinois?

In general, anyone wishing to hunt in Illinois is required to purchase a hunting license. … Hunters wishing to use firearms need to obtain a Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOID) from the Illinois State Police.

Is driving deer illegal in Illinois?

Hunters need to exercise more caution when attempting to hunt in those environments. … This is primarily done with groups of six to 12 hunters and is exclusively done on private land in Illinois as it is illegal to conduct deer drives on public lands.

Can you shoot rabbits in your yard in Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) recommends hiring a professional wildlife removal service to capture and remove rabbits. In rural areas, rabbits may be taken during open hunting seasons. Only a current “Open” firearms licence is required to hunt on private property.

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Can you carry a pistol while hunting in Illinois?

Amends the Wildlife Code. Provides that a person with a valid concealed carry license issued under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, or an off-duty law enforcement official or officer, may carry a handgun on or about his or her person while hunting.

How close can a deer stand be to a property line in Illinois?

Provides that it shall be unlawful for any person to hunt within 50 yards of a property line without first obtaining written permission from the adjacent property owner or tenant.

Are Squirrels protected in Illinois?

In Illinois, all tree squirrels are protected by the Wildlife Code. Fox and gray squirrels are protected as small game species.

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