Can you hunt in Sonora Mexico?

Sonoran Outfitters has been providing quality hunting experiences in Sonora, Mexico for Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Desert Bighorn Sheep and Bison for almost two decades. … Each season hunters take some incredible trophies in Mexico. But unfortunately many of these animals were shot in high fence enclosures.

How much does it cost to hunt mule deer in Sonora Mexico?

The price of the Mule Deer Hunt is $6500.00 plus a Trophy Fee of $3500.00 for a harvested or wounded deer. This price includes 7 days of hunting, 2 guides per hunter, Firearm Registration, and Hunting License. During the seven day hunt, hunters may have the option of taking a Whitetail for a Trophy Fee of $3500.00.

Where can you hunt in Mexico?

  • COUES DEER. Hermosillo • Commonly named as the ” Gray Ghost” the Coues deer lives in the rugged mountains of North Central Mexico. …
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Can a US citizen hunt in Mexico?

The US Department of State warns US citizens against taking any firearm or ammunition into Mexico without prior written authorization from the Mexican authorities. Entering Mexico with a firearm, or even a single round of ammunition carries a penalty.

Where is the best deer hunting in Mexico?

The Sonora and Coahuila regions of northern Mexico are home to some of the best hunting in North America. Large, private ranches are home to abundant populations of Coahuila Whitetail and Sonoran Mule Deer, Coues Deer and Desert Bighorn Sheep.

Are there mule deer in Mexico?

They are Muley freaks who live and breathe for hunting giant mule deer. … We manage are areas for quality and age class. All of our Ranches are located in the best genetic regions in Sonora Mexico.

Where can you hunt mule deer in Mexico?

If you are in search of a monster mule deer and a unique hunting experience in Mexico the record books clearly show Mexico’s Sonoran Desert is the place to start. The area has become famous the world over for the extremely wide, dark horned bucks that it regularly produces.

Can I go hunting in Mexico?

The Mexican Government allows licensed sport hunting in season, as regulated by SEMARNAP. This is the Federal Agency of Mexico that is responsible for the regulation of Mexico’s Natural Resources. A wide array of trophy game animals, as well as birds may be legally harvested in certain areas of Mexico.

Are there elk in Old Mexico?

Historical biogeography suggested that by the late Holocene the southernmost elk distribution was in Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Texas. Available information indicated that elk have never occurred naturally in Mexico.

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What big game is in Mexico?

Mexico is perhaps best known for its huge desert mule deer, but it is also an excellent destination for desert bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer, Coues deer, mountain lions, and both white-lipped and collared peccary.

Can you carry a gun into Mexico?

“Entering Mexico with a firearm, certain types of knives, or even a single round of ammunition is illegal, even if the weapon or ammunition is taken into Mexico unintentionally.” Mexican law also bans shotguns with barrels of less than 25 inches.

What can you carry for self defense in Mexico?

7 weapons that the Mexican Government approved ownership for self-defense

  • Glock 9 x 19. Description: …
  • Jericho 941F. Description: …
  • Semi-automatic P2226 Tacops. Description: …
  • SIG SAUER P320. Description: …
  • Pietro Bereta 92 FS. Description: …
  • Herstal FNP9. Description: …
  • SIG SAUER P250 compact. Description:


What happens if you take a gun into Mexico?

Entering Mexico with a firearm, or even a single round of ammunition, carries a penalty of up to five years in prison, even if the firearm or ammunition is taken into the country unintentionally.

Are there elk in Mexico?

Mexico also has a herd that was introduced to provide ecological services to the Maderas del Carmen biosphere reserve in the state of Coahuila, and several private Mexican ranches maintain elk as game species. But both Texas and Mexico still manage elk as an exotic species.

What type of deer live in Mexico?

There are four native species of deer in Mexico: white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus (Zimmermann, 1780), mule deer, O. hemionus (Rafinesque, 1817), red brocket deer, Mazama temama (Kerr, 1792) and brown brocket deer, M.

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Where are Coues deer found?

Coues deer reside in Mexico, Arizona, and New Mexico anywhere from 2,500′ to past 10,000′ in elevation. You can glass them up on the desert floor one day and sit in a treestand on top of a mountain ambush hunting for them the next.

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