Can you hunt Green Acres NJ?

Some Green Acres can be hunted others can not. A lot of WMAs were purchased with Green Acres funding. Bridgewater Township has a piece of Green acres land that I hunted on before it was Green Acres.

Can you hunt on township property NJ?

Applicants with a permit as required in Subsection C below to hunt deer on municipal property are restricted to use of bow and arrow. All other methods of hunting, including the possession and use of firearms are strictly prohibited. Permit required.

Can you hunt on county land in NJ?

The list below is arranged by Deer Management Zone for public land open to deer hunting.

Public Deer Hunting Land in New Jersey.

41 Alexauken Creek WMA, Mercer County Parks – Baldpate (Kuser) Mt. and Howell Living History Farm
42 Port Republic WMA
43 Millville (Bevan) WMA
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Where can you hunt in NJ?

Let’s now begin our countdown of the top 5 hunting spots in New Jersey…

  • Stokes State Forest. Size: 16,447 acres (open to hunting: 90%) …
  • Bass River State Forest. …
  • Wawayanda State Park. …
  • Brendan T. …
  • Wharton State Forest.


Can I hunt in New Jersey?

Hunters can enjoy more than a hundred days of deer hunting, including seasons for bow, shotgun and muzzleloading rifle. Multiple bag limits are the rule in most zones. The 2020-21 deer harvest was 54,980. In addition, some of the best waterfowl hunting on the East coast is found in the Garden State.

Can I kill a deer on my property in NJ?

The state has one of the nation’s longest deer hunting seasons, from mid-September to mid-February, and a licensed hunter can hunt deer virtually anywhere with a public or private property owner’s permission, unless the land has anti-hunting restrictions, Stanko said.

Can I hunt on my own land in NJ?

A hunting license is required to hunt on both private and public land. … Landowners are not liable for any firearm-related injuries that occur on their property by other hunters. New Jersey’s Division of Fish and Wildlife established that on private land, people are allowed to hunt on Sundays.

Can you hunt on private property in NJ?

All hunters must obtain permission to hunt on private property and written permission to hunt within the 450 feet safety zone. The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife has provided a Hunter Landowner Courtesy Card (in this manual and in the digest) for you to use when obtaining permission to hunt.

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Can you deer hunt on Sundays in New Jersey?

There is no hunting on SUNDAY in New Jersey EXCEPT for certain Wildlife Management Areas and private lands.

Can you bait on state land in NJ?

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife today announced the Governor’s signing of Assembly Bill #3022 into law, which authorizes the use of baiting statewide while deer hunting.

Can u kill a deer with a 22 rifle?

Yes, a 22 lr will kill a deer if the shot is placed into a vital area and the bullet used has good expansion qualities, otherwise the shot will probably result in the deer dying a slow painful death after running for a long distance.

Is deer hunting good in New Jersey?

New Jersey isn’t the first state to pop into a deer hunter’s mind, but it does offer some quality hunting if you can secure a spot to sit. … Bowhunters make up over half the licensed deer hunters and have harvested more deer than firearm hunters every year since 2012.

Are there wild pigs in NJ?

Due to the diligence of the USDA Wildlife Services Section and the Division, feral hogs have been declared eradicated in New Jersey. The Division, out of an abundance of caution, continues to issue this permit in the off chance that any hogs remain.

Can a 12 year old hunt in NJ?

Minimum Age Requirements

Youths 10 to 13 may only hunt if they hold a youth license AND they are accompanied by an adult aged 21 or older who also holds a valid NJ hunting license. Youths 14 and 15 may hunt without adult supervision. Get certified today, all online!

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Can you hunt with handgun in NJ?

No person may hunt with firearms or any weapon or carry a gun in the woods or fields or on the waters on Sunday except on semi-wild and commercial shooting preserve lands for the purpose of shooting stocked game; and when using a .

Can you hunt squirrels in NJ?

A person may legally hunt on semi-wild or com- mercial preserves for game birds during deer seasons, but no shot larger than #4 fine may be used. … Persons holding a current and valid firearm license and rifle permit may hunt for squirrels from sunrise to ½ hour after sunset with a muzzleloading rifle (.

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