Can you hunt elk with 25 06?

Big Deer. … 25/06 is essential when hunting big mule deer and elk. Great controlled-expansion bullets up to the task include 115-grain Barnes Triple Shocks and 120-grain Nosler Partitions, Swift A-Frames, and Speer Grand Slams.

What can I hunt with a 25-06?

25-06 a near-perfect choice for deer and antelope size game with proper 100-115 grain bullets. This combination is light in recoil which always helps with good shot placement, and flat-shooting enough that we don’t need to worry about hold-over in most hunting conditions.

What is a 25-06 rifle used for?

25-06 to be used for taking game ranging from small animals like prairie dogs and coyotes to heavier elk. These bullets range from lightly constructed 75-grain bullets with muzzle velocities in the 3,700 ft/s (1,130 m/s) range to more robust 120-grain bullets with muzzle velocities in the 3,000 ft/s (915 m/s) range.

Will a 25-06 kill a moose?

Never happened to see moose shot with one. Its a Great caliber but I would set my lower limit for these animals at the 308. It has mild recoil but much heavier bullets. The 25-06 has the punch to do the job but only with very good shot placement.

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Will a 25-06 kill a bear?

A 25/06 will kill any black bear on the planet just fine.

How accurate is a 25-06?

The selection of factory ammo should be varied enough to find the load you want. The . 25-06 when loaded with 85-87 grain bullets is a super good varmint rifle as it shoots these close to 3,500 fps with very good accuracy. Heavier bullets for game are available.

How good is a 25-06 rifle?

25-06 has an effective bullet weight range of between 85 and 120 grains, making for a perfect rifle for double duty on varmints and predators. … 25-06 will generate respectable velocities, driving the 85-grain pills in excess of 3,600 fps, and the heavy 120-grainers to right around 3,200 fps.

Is a 25-06 A good varmint rifle?

25-06 with lightweight bullets is great for varmint hunting at close range. … 25-06 Remington, like so many other . 24- and . 25-caliber rifles, is also an excellent varmint round in its own right.

What is a Remington 25-06 worth?

Recently Sold 25 06 rifle

Price Item Condition
$1,325.00 .25-06 REM. REMINGTON 700 BDL IN 25-06 REM BORN 1982 WITH SKIP-LINE CHECKERING & SCOPE Jonesville, VA 24263 Used
$625.00 .25-06 REM. TIKKA T3X LITE 25-06 REM SYNTHETIC 22” BARREL DETACHABLE MAGAZINE 3+1 082442858999 22 INCH ” BARREL Monroe, MI 48161 New

What is the best twist rate for a 25-06?

What would the best twist rate to get for a 25-06? Traditional is 10-twist. That will be good for most 25-06 bullets. However, that will only be good for marginal stability with the Berger 115s.

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Whats better 308 or 30 06?

Both cartridges use the same . 308″ diameter bullets, and both have a case capacity large enough to push those bullets to sensible, useable velocities. … 30-06 pointed out the slight velocity advantage that the larger case offers, and how it handles the heavier bullets so much better.

Who makes the best 25-06 rifle?

25-06 Remington 2-Round 26″ Bolt Action Rifle in Matte Black – 18897. Widely acclaimed as the best, most accurate rifle in the industry, the Savage 110 action is the heart and soul of the Savage Centerfire line. This is the gun that has earned Savage its reputation for outstanding accuracy.

Can a 22 kill a moose?

22? While it is possible, with proper shot placement, to kill a moose or a deer with a . 22 rim fire rifle (such as a . 22 LongRifle) it is not advisable and illegal in most (if not all) states that allow hunting of moose.

Will a 44 Magnum stop a grizzly bear?

Bears, including grizzlies, have been killed with 22 long rifles. The 44 magnum is almost unspeakably more powerful than the 22 rimfire, so of course it will kill a bear.

Can a 30-06 take down a grizzly?

30/06 is arguably the most versatile hunting round in production. Yes, it will kill a grizzly bear, though it’s at the low end of adequate grizzly cartridges.

Is a 30-06 Big enough for elk?

30/06, with its 165- to 220-grain options, remains the better all-round cartridge for big stuff like elk, moose, kudu, and eland.

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