Who are the guys from the hunting public?

The Hunting Public is relatively new hit YouTube video journal series featuring two distinct playlists, Public Land and Private Land hunting and they exist based upon this very principle. Co-owners, Aaron Warbritton, and Zach Ferenbaugh are humble in their approach to hunting, especially on public hunting grounds.

Who is the owner of the hunting public?

Aaron Warbritton – Company Owner – The Hunting Public | LinkedIn.

Do the hunting public guys have regular jobs?

Even with their success, they still have regular jobs, still drive old cars and hunt the same way.

Where does the hunting public guys live?

Paris, America. Live in Albia, IA now.

Where does the hunting public hunt in Ohio?

If you are looking for public hunting land in Ohio, but need to get away from the northeast triangle, head to the southwest part of the state for the Shawnee State Forest area. At 60,000 acres, Shawnee is the single biggest public forest area in Ohio, and is a prime deer hunting spot as a result.

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Does the hunting public use scent control?

A great example is the team over at The Hunting Public. They have explained more than once that they take zero scent control measures, but what makes them so successful is they are very good at understanding wind and terrain to help put themselves in positions to tag mature bucks.

What ghillie suit does the hunting public wear?

The brand is Bushrag bowhunter guille suits.

Can you make a living off hunting?

Hunting generates tens of billions of dollars in revenue annually. … Even though most people hunt for fun rather than profit, some make their living at it with predator hunting jobs or hunting guide jobs, while others find profitable, short-term hunting income to subsidize future hunting opportunities.

Is the hunting public legit?

By far more entertaining, informational and realistic than anything on the so called outdoor channels. This is not your scripted, formulated infomercial of a hunting show. It shows real hunters, in real situations doing what they love to do best. The fail and succeed all while trying to keep it real and get it on film.

How do I get started in the hunting industry?

  1. Marketing and PR. Clifton says when it comes to getting a marketing or PR job in the hunting industry, education is the key. …
  2. Sales. One of the best ways to break into the hunting industry and get general job experience is through retail, especially while you’re in school. …
  3. Freelance Writing. …
  4. Photography. …
  5. Hunting TV Shows.

What kind of camera does the hunting public use?

The camcorder, the DSLR, and the action camera. Camcorders really are the backbone of filming deer hunts. As far as entry level camera gear general advice tries to stick around the $600-$1,200 range. In this category and for the price most hunters shoot for the Canon Vixia HF G10, 20, 30, or G40.

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What turkey call does the hunting public use?

As Aaron mentions in the video above, the plain yelp of the hen turkey is easily the most important call in the turkey hunter’s arsenal. It’s the basic call in the turkey vocabulary, but it’s still one of the most deadly sounds you can use.

How can I watch hunting public?

Watch The Hunting Public | Prime Video.

What county in Ohio has the biggest bucks?

On the west side of Muskingum County, 3,600-acre Dillon Wildlife Area has long been a productive deer hunting destination in a county known for producing some the state’s biggest bucks. The area is approximately 10 miles northwest of Zanesville and 15 miles east of Newark along state Route 146.

Where can I find public hunting land near me?

Start with your state wildlife agency website, which will usually have a page for public lands. Narrow your search down to your area of interest. Also try national forests, county lands, or regional parks. If nothing else, pick up the phone and reach out to your nearest agency office to get some feedback.

Can you hunt at Ohio State Parks?

Is hunting allowed in Ohio State Parks? Many state parks allow hunting for upland game, as well as trapping and waterfowl hunting in designated hunting areas during the legal hunting seasons. Many parks are adjacent to state forests or state wildlife areas, which also allow hunting.

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