What makes a duck decoy valuable?

“The reason valuable decoys are so valuable is because 90 percent of them were repainted or had their heads broken off, so the ones that are left in good condition are the best ones and go for high prices.” According to Guyette, most of the decoys he sees in appraisals are worth about $100.

Which duck decoys are worth money?

11 Most Expensive Duck Decoys Ever Sold

  • 1 1. The Crowell Bundle.
  • 2 2. Red-Breasted Merganser Hen Carving, by Lothrop Holmes.
  • 3 3. The Eider Drake Decoy on Monhegan Island.
  • 4 4. Unattributed Slot Neck Canada Goose Decoy.
  • 5 5. The Wilson Merganser Drake Duck Decoy.
  • 6 6. The Lincoln Hisser.
  • 7 7. Graves Mallards.
  • 8 8.

What should I look for in a duck decoy?

One important thing to consider is depth. Most dabbling ducks are hunted with decoys set in just a couple of feet of water or less, so 3-foot lines work fine. If you’ll be hunting deeper water than that, use lines that are long enough to still allow your decoy good movement.

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What are decoy ducks used for?

A duck decoy is a device to capture wild ducks or other species of waterfowl. Formerly the birds were slaughtered and used for food. Decoys had an advantage over hunting ducks with shotguns as the duck meat did not contain lead shot. Consequently, a higher price could be charged for it.

How do I know if my duck decoy is valuable?

Factors that determine duck decoy value:

  1. Maker.
  2. Region.
  3. Decoy species.
  4. Condition.
  5. Scarcity.
  6. Strength of maker attribution.
  7. Size.


What is the most expensive duck call?

The most expensive duck call on the market at time of writing is a one-of-a-kind Paul Kingyon handmade wood call; the asking price is nearly $2,000. It is not particularly ornate, just a hand-carved, single-reed call that’s really good at tricking ducks and signed by this legendary craftsman.

What is the best decoy spread for ducks?

Here are five downsized decoy spreads that just might help you put more birds in the bag this season with a lot less work.

  1. Shallow-Water Dabblers. VETERAN WATERFOWLER. …
  2. Green-Timber Greenheads. VETERAN WATERFOWLER. …
  3. Prairie Pothole Puddle Ducks. VETERAN WATERFOWLER. …
  4. Backwater Mallards. …
  5. Cold Combo for Late-Season Geese.

Can you have too many duck decoys?

On smaller, confined waters, a spread of six to 36 decoys should be sufficient. On larger waters or dry fields, hunters should put out as many decoys as practical. I never heard of anybody scaring ducks or geese away because they used too many decoys.

Which duck decoy is best?

Mallard Floaters

  • Editor’s Choice: Greenhead Gear Pro Grade XD Series. …
  • Hard Core Rugged Series Flocked. …
  • Avian-X Topflight Foam-Filled Oversized Mallards. …
  • Flambeau Gunning Series. …
  • White Rock Pool 7 Mallards. …
  • Dakota Decoy Packable Mallards. …
  • Higdon Battleship Foam Filled. …
  • 1) Editor’s Choice: Avian-X AXF Walker Pack.
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How do you paint old duck decoys?

Apply an even layer of white primer over the entirety of your duck. To ensure your paint stays on your decoy as long as possible, use a white, all-purpose spray paint primer. Apply the primer after the duck is clean, and spray light, even layers to cover the surface.

How do you identify decoys?

Decoys are solid and round bottomed, with workman-like simplified paint patterns. Painted Eye was its lowest Standard Grade. Decoys are smaller and solid, with little carving detail and rudimentary paint patterns. Painted Eye Masons were not popular with hunters and are hard to find.

Should I buy wood duck decoys?

Yes, you can actually decoy wood ducks . These quirky birds are notorious for snubbing decoys and calling, but that’s often the result of where, rather than how, you’re hunting. … But if you’re waiting for woodies at their final destination, they might fall right into your decoy spread like a flock of mallards.

How do you get ducks to decoy?

10 Surefire Decoy Strategies

  1. Make Your Spread Visible. …
  2. Keep Water Open around Your Decoys. …
  3. Set a Floating Spread for Canada Geese. …
  4. Use Goose Decoys for Ducks. …
  5. Spread Out Decoys in Flooded Timber. …
  6. Deploy the Ultimate Diver Spread. …
  7. Give Geese Room to Land. …
  8. Deceive Dabblers with Coot Decoys.

Do wood ducks and mallards get along?

The Wood Duck stuck out from the larger Mallards, but seemed comfortable within the flock. The Mallards, likewise, seemed to have no problem with the Wood Duck. Wood Ducks and Mallards sometime cross breed and have hybrid Mallard X Wood Duck offspring. My guess is that this was not the case with this grouping.

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