Is deer hunting in New York good?

Does NY have good deer hunting?

Steuben County – Ranked #1 for Deer Hunting

Steuben County, located in the Southern Tier of New York is a premier hunting destination for sportsmen. … New York Game & Fish Magazine has named Steuben County the “perennial chart-topper,” for its abundant big game habitats, including white-tailed deer and black bear.

What state has the best deer hunting?

Kentucky is one of the most well-managed states for whitetails, with solid herd numbers and great trophy potential. More folks are finding this out, though, and public land competition is way up in the last decade. But for a true Southern whitetail hunt, I’d look to Mississippi.

Is it better to shoot a buck or doe?

The Science of Shooting Does

Taking does controls impact on habitat more so than taking bucks because each doe killed also eliminates the potential to produce future deer. Conversely, taking a buck eliminates only that deer and not necessarily potential offspring because other bucks will breed in its place.

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Is the rut over in NY?

The breeding season (or rut) for white-tailed deer in New York runs from October to January, with peak activity occurring in mid-November.

Where can I go hunting in NY?

  • OPRHP.
  • Reserve America.
  • Hunting on New York City Watershed Lands.
  • Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Hunting at Fort Drum.

What is the deer population in New York State?

New York Deer: About 950,000 deer in 2018. A mild 2015-16 winter increased populations into 2016 for an estimated 900,000 deer pre-hunt. A modest population increase into 2017 to about 920,000 as the herd recovers from the harsh 2014-15 winter.

What time of day are most big bucks killed?

Most of them are specifically between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning to be exact. It’s a proven time, and it could have a lot to do with the common perception among deer hunters that things slow down once early morning is through.

What state kills the most deer?

The states with the most antlered deer killed per square mile were Michigan, 3.7 per square mile; Pennsylvania, 3.6; South Carolina, 3.2; Maryland, 3.0; New Jersey, 2.6; New York, 2.6; and Wisconsin, 2.6.

What is the largest whitetail buck ever killed?

What’s more, the Brewster buck is also now the largest whitetail ever killed by a hunter anywhere in the world, topping Stephen Tucker’s 47-point Tennessee monarch , a Nov. 2016 buck that scored 312 0/8 inches.

How many deer should you kill per acre?

A general rule-of-thumb is to harvest one doe per 100 acres minimum.

Can you eat deer meat right after you kill it?

Can you eat deer meat right after you kill it? You can eat it right after you kill it! I like to clean the animal right away, skin it,cut into major pieces and then put it in a fridge for a few days up to a week. This cold aging helps tenderize it.

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Should you shoot a doe with a fawn?

Don’t hesitate to shoot a doe leading a fawn if it fits into your management plan, or if you simply want to kill it for the meat. Murphy suggests taking younger does if your main concern is stocking your freezer. Not only do they taste better, they are more expendable and typically produce fewer fawns than older does.

Do deer only mate once a year?

Summary: “In fact, not only do females decide with whom they mate, but our study has shown that a proportion choose to mate more than once each year, and with different males. …

What do deer eat on Long Island?

Deer are generalist herbivores, meaning they eat a wide variety of plants. Their favorites are acorns, flowers and soft shrubbery, like berry bushes and maple-leaf viburnum. But absent those, they’ll eat just about anything that make up the understory of Long Island forests.

What can you hunt in New York?

Home to white-tailed deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, black bears, and thousands of acres of pristine public hunting lands, New York State has some of the best hunting in America.

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