How much is an out of state hunting license in SC?

How much is a out of state hunting license in South Carolina?

Nonresident Hunting

Duration Type of License Price
Annual State Hunting License $125.00
10 Day State Hunting License $75.00
3 Day State Hunting License $40.00
Annual Apprentice License (Small Game Only) $125.00

How much does a hunting license cost in South Carolina?

Resident Combination Freshwater Fishing & Hunting

Duration Type of License Price
Annual Combination License $25.00
Annual Junior Sportsman License $16.00
3 Year Sportsman License $150.00
Annual Sportsman License $50.00

How much is a deer hunting license in SC?

An annual hunting license in South Carolina costs $125 for non-residents, and the Big Game Permit is $100. On top of these two items, non-residents must purchase deer tags (maximum of four), which costs $50 for the first antlered buck tag.

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How do I get a hunting license in South Carolina?

Where to Buy a South Carolina Hunting License

  1. Visit the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources website.
  2. Call 1-866-714-3611.
  3. Visit a South Carolina Department of Natural Resources office or an approved license agent.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt on your own property in SC?

2.4 It is unlawful for anyone to hunt or take wildlife on WMA land unless an individual is in possession of a valid South Carolina license; a valid WMA permit; and other applicable federal or state permits, stamps, or licenses.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt hogs in South Carolina?

Feral hogs, coyotes, or armadillos may not be hunted at night on any unregistered property, except with a DNR-issued depredation permit. A hunting license is required of any hunters 16 years or older.

How old do you have to be to hunt alone in SC?

South Carolina

All hunters born after June 30, 1979 must complete a hunter education course before a hunting license can be bought. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a guardian when attending hunter education class. Youth hunts for hunter under 17 are available.

Do you need deer tags in South Carolina?

Deer Tag Information

All harvested deer in South Carolina are required to be tagged at the point of kill. … Resident hunters who have active licenses/big game permits when deer season begins will automatically receive their base sets of tags in late July.

What are the fishing laws in South Carolina?

Who is required to purchase a South Carolina Fishing License? In the state of South Carolina, a fishing license is required for all people age 16 and older. A Saltwater Fishing License is required when harvesting marine resources, including finfish, oysters, clams, shrimp, and crab.

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Does Walmart sell SC fishing license?

South Carolina Fishing License at Walmart

3-year freshwater/saltwater fishing, resident – $30.00. Annual freshwater/saltwater fishing, resident – $10.00. 14-day freshwater/saltwater fishing, resident – $5.00. 3-year freshwater/saltwater fishing, non-resident – $105.00.

Can you get a SC fishing license online?

Recreational licenses can be purchased online 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a reduced convenience fee of $3 and customers can print the licenses instantly from any computer. Payment is safe and easy as individuals can use their debit or credit card through SC.

Do you need a fishing license to fish on the beach in South Carolina?

“Can I fish on the beach, and do I need a license?” The answer is yes, you may fish on the beach! No license is needed to fish from a public fishing pier, but South Carolina does require a license to fish from the surf.

What do I need to hunt deer in South Carolina?

South Carolina law requires that you hold a hunting license and a big game permit before you are able to hunt deer. To secure your permits, you must take and pass a state-approved hunter safety course. This certification process is meant to make hunting in South Carolina safer for people and the environment.

Do you need a license to hunt squirrel in SC?

Licenses: Hunting License required. Limits: Fox squirrel hunting is not allowed on many properties in the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) program.

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