How do people turkey hunt in December?

Do turkeys respond to calls in the winter?

During the long, liberal winter season in the Plains states, hunters with a variety of simple calls can take multiple gobblers in a single calling session. It helps to also have a high tolerance for cold. … This is my favorite of all turkey hunts—the winter season in Kansas.

Will turkeys gobble in the winter?

The drawback in the fall and winter is that turkeys aren’t gobbling (at least with any regularity), and they aren’t strutting in green pastures. Finding them, especially smaller bachelor groups of toms, is the challenge. In the East, you can go about this a few ways.

Where do turkeys go in the winter?

In the Northeast, particularly northern New York, northern New England, and eastern Canada (and to a lesser extent southern New England, southern New York, and Pennsylvania) winter habitat is crucial for the survival of wild turkeys.

How cold can turkeys tolerate?

Turkeys are overall hardy animals, meaning they are able to withstand low temperatures (below 20°F) for periods of time. When they’re feeling too cold, a turkey may resort to very little movement.

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How long can a wild turkey go without eating?

How do turkeys survive? Turkeys can remain in roosting areas for up to two weeks during especially severe weather and can lose up to forty percent of their body weight before dying of starvation.

How often should you call for turkeys?

Call every few minutes, and act like a disinterested hen going about her daily routine. Moving also helps in such situations, because turkeys rarely sit and yelp in one place for long.

What is a good beginner turkey call?

In no time, a beginner can master a basic hen yelp. Clucks and cuts are also easy to learn. Box calls can be very loud, which is ideal for locating distant gobblers or cutting through a noisy wind. The box call is good for beginners because they’re easy to operate and make realistic noises.

When should you start calling for Turkey?

When To Call A Gobbler

In my view, the best times of the day are right off the roost, then again from about 8:30 to 9:30 when more hens start to leave the gobbler to go lay an egg, and again from about 11 until noon.

Does snow affect turkey hunting?

Snow will tend to hold turkeys close to their roosts, especially if it is a heavy snow. If it is snowing heavy enough to cause visibility problems, turkey don’t like to move around a lot because the snowfall can hide predators. Yet, even with snowfall, turkeys have to eat, so they will move eventually.

Is turkey hunting better in spring or fall?

In my home state of Minnesota, fall license sales usually tally up to roughly 15% of spring sales. … This might seem like a stretch, but the reality of turkey hunting is that the more you understand the communications and habits of individual birds and flocks, the better you’ll be during the spring.

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Do turkeys shock gobble year round?

It’s not rare for birds to gobble during the late summer months. Some birds gobble year round. Warm days in January and other winter months will sometimes result in gobbling. There isn’t a specific reason for these gobbles, but some individual turkeys are just more vocal than others.

Do turkeys sleep in trees at night?

Although turkeys spend most of their time on the ground during the day, they sleep in trees at night. … Yes, turkeys can fly. Actually they are excellent flyers, and can fly straight up 50 feet to roost in a tree at night.

Why do we not eat turkey eggs?

Turkeys lay eggs at a far slower rate than your average chicken. We’re talking one or two eggs a week versus a standard hen’s one-per-day. The entire turkey egg-laying process costs way more in factories, since the birds require much larger amounts of food and living space than their hen counterparts.

What kind of trees do turkeys roost in?

Turkeys also prefer pine trees to any other types of trees. They offer cover year round and often a clean forest floor to take off and land on. A single pine tree will do the trick if it is big enough, but clusters of them are best.

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