Do you need waders to Duck Hunt?

Unless you’re field hunting (another ballgame versus hunting the abundant public places available to today’s waterfowler), you’ll need waders to wear while slogging through water and muck, setting out decoys, picking up birds and collecting decoys. You do get what you pay for with hunting waders.

What can I wear duck hunting if I have no waders?

Re: Are waders a must have?

  • Shotgun.
  • Shells.
  • Waders.
  • Jacket, facemask, HAT, and gloves (camo clothes) The rest is optional but I strongly suggest.
  • Something to sit on.
  • Decoys.
  • Calls.
  • Thermos, food and the rest of the stuff you put in that fancy blind bag.


Do you need camo waders for duck hunting?

If you are going to be wearing them duck hunting, you are going to want a camo pair. … This way if something happens to your waders, you can patch it up so you’re not standing in cold water every hunt. Buying waders that come with reinforced knees will help a lot with protecting the waterproofing.

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Why do you need waders for duck hunting?

They protect and insulate you from either standing or running water, allowing you to stay out in the elements for longer, or get a better position in the water. If you already have a pair of angling waders, there’s a decent chance you can use them for hunting as well.

Can you duck hunt without a boat?

I am a potholing duck hunter at heart. And because the water is small and shallow, you can even do it without a dog. … So, Put on a pair of waders, grab some decoys, clip on a shell belt and a call lanyard, and head out to some small, secluded water.

Can you duck hunt without a blind?

Layout blinds can be used in open fields, mudflats, sandbars, and other spots where ducks like to work and hunters without layout blinds have difficulty hiding. Then there is the no-blind (and no-cost) option: concealing yourself in natural cover.

How can I recover my ducks without a dog or a boat?

Casting for Ducks

If you don’t have a retrieving dog and you’re hunting a pond or stream too deep for wading, carry a casting rod and floating plug. You can cast to fallen ducks, hook and retrieve them.

How much does a duck hunt cost?

The price may go up to $2,000-$3,000 depending on the usual factors such as trip duration, abundance of game, and whether food and lodging is included. You may see duck hunting trips priced at $10,000 and more, but these prices are usually for a team of up to 12 hunters.

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Can you wear brown waders duck hunting?

Any earth tone colored clothing (waders, shirts, jackets, gloves, hats, etc) are more than sufficient as long as one remains still and utilizes some form of cover be it natural (brush. trees, etc) or manmade like a blind.

What should I wear duck hunting?

Waterfowl hunters must essentially do three things to keep warm: stay dry, block the wind, and control body heat. Staying dry involves wearing outer layers of clothing-such as a hat, parka, and pants-made from 100 percent waterproof and breathable fabrics.

Is duck hunting easy?

Getting started in waterfowl hunting can be a bit daunting. Boats, dogs, decoys, calls, shotguns, and loads are all big topics to tackle, but not to worry. With some basic knowledge and a sense of adventure, you can invest in some basic gear to get started and have a blast in the process of learning.

What boots do you wear duck hunting?

Some of our top picks for waterfowl hunting applications include:

  • Muck Boots Wetland Rubber Premium Field Boots.
  • Muck Boot Arctic Pro Hunting Boot.
  • Muck Boot Woody Max Rubber Insulated Hunting Boot.
  • TIDEWE Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots.
  • LaCrosse Men’s Grange 18″ Waterproof Hunting Boot.


How do I start duck hunting?

A Duck Hunting Starter Kit

  1. The Essentials. First, let’s outline a few simple ideas regarding becoming a duck hunter. …
  2. Shotgun. Maybe this is too obvious. …
  3. Nontoxic Shells. …
  4. One Dozen Decoys. …
  5. Two Duck Calls. …
  6. Waders. …
  7. Jacket. …
  8. Five Critical Accessories.


How do you attract ducks to flooded timber?

Tree trunks are best, because you can move slowly around the tree to keep it between you and the ducks. There are few places to take a load off when you’re in knee-deep water, and a good sturdy tree to lean against can be a blessing after half a morning of dragging heavy waders through thigh-deep water.

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Can Ducks only land on water?

Many duck species are as at home on the water as they are on land and in the air.

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