Can you still bow hunt during shotgun season in Illinois?

Bow Hunting Now Allowed During Firearm Season.

Can you bow hunt during shotgun season in Illinois?

2020-2021 Illinois Hunting and Trapping Guide: “• Archery equipment use is legal on private land ONLY during Firearm Deer Season, provided the hunter has a valid county firearm deer permit.

When can I bow hunt in Illinois?


Archery (Counties with a firearm season and west of Route 47 in Kane County) 1 Oct–19 Nov and 23 Nov–2 Dec and 7 Dec 2020–17 Jan 2021
Archery (Cook, DuPage, Lake and Kane [east of route 47] Counties) 1 Oct 2020–17 Jan 2021
Firearm (Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Handgun) 20–22 Nov and 3–6 Dec 2020

Can you bow hunt during late season in Illinois?

In Illinois, we consider late season deer hunting all of December through the middle of January. There can be a huge difference in deer hunting from the beginning of December to the middle of January. There are several different whitetail phases during this time.

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Can I bow hunt during youth gun season in IL?

Each hunter participating in the Youth Deer Hunt while using an Apprentice Hunter or Youth Hunter license must be accompanied by a non-hunting, validly-licensed (Illinois hunting license) parent, guardian or grandparent who is 21 years of age or older.

Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in Illinois?

Amends the Wildlife Code. Provides that a person with a valid concealed carry license issued under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, or an off-duty law enforcement official or officer, may carry a handgun on or about his or her person while hunting.

Can I carry a gun in my glove box in Illinois?

The Illinois Supreme Court Diggins decision made it clear that a vehicle’s center console or a glove box, as long as it is closed (LATCHED, but locked is not necessary) is legal, as long as the gun is unloaded. Put a magazine in the gun, even if you don’t chamber a round, and you are looking at a felony.

Can you kill 2 bucks with a bow in Illinois?

Residents can shoot 2 bucks. They can shoot one with a bow, and one with a gun….. Or…..they can use their second buck tag in archery season, then no gun hunting for a buck. Non-residents do NOT have that option.

How many does can you kill in Illinois?

BAG LIMIT: One deer per legally authorized permit. No hunter, regardless of the quantity or type of permits in his/her possession, may harvest more than 2 antlered deer during a year, including the Youth, Archery, Muzzleloader and Firearm Seasons.

How much does it cost to hunt in Illinois?

Non-Resident Licenses/Permits

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Name Fee Available Online
Non-Resident Hunting License $57.75 Online
Non-Resident Hunting License (5 day) $35.75 Online
Non-Resident Hunting Preserve License $12.50 Online
Non-Resident Initial Commercial Fishing License $300.50 Online

Is there a late shotgun season in Illinois?

SEASON DATES: December 31, 2020 – January 3, 2021 and January 15-17, 2021 HUNTING HOURS: One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. … PERMIT REQUIREMENTS: Illinois resident hunters must purchase a valid Late-Winter Deer Season permit OR have a valid unfilled deer permit.

What is the minimum draw weight for bow hunting in Illinois?

Legal Archery Equipment

Minimum peak draw weight of 125 pounds. Minimum length (from butt of stock to front of limbs) is 24 inches.

Do landowners need a hunting license in Illinois?

f) Illinois landowners or tenants who do not wish to hunt only on the land they own, rent or lease must apply for permits in the same manner as the applicant who is not a landowner or tenant.

Can minors hunt in Illinois?

For example, hunting or target shooting is legal in Illinois. It is important to note that a youth hunting license authorizes a person under the age of 18 to hunt as long as the juvenile is accompanied by a licensed hunter who is 21 or older.

How old do you have to be to get a hunting license in Illinois?

Who can hunt in Illinois? Residents 18 years old and under may purchase a Youth Hunting and Trapping License.

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