Are ground blinds good for turkey hunting?

In fact, many turkeys move out into fields when it rains so they can see any predators approaching. Sticking it out inside a ground blind will always be better than packing it in and heading back to the truck. Also, hunting in a ground blind allows you much more freedom of movement.

Do Ground blinds spook Turkey?

Ground blinds should be concealed but not your turkey decoys. Decoys should be placed in open areas such as fields, right-of-ways or open timber, where often bale blinds make the best turkey blind. … Gobblers react well and are less likely to spook if they can see the decoy from far off.

What is the best ground blind for turkey hunting?

Top Turkey Blinds

  • Top Turkey Blinds. May 29, 2021 – 4 Recommendations. …
  • Top Pick. Ameristep Deadwood Stump K.O. Ground Blind, Multi, One Size. …
  • Honorable Mention. Barronett Blinds BE650BW Beast Pop Up Portable 6 Person Hunting Blind, Bloodtrail Backwoods Camo. …
  • Runner Up. GhostBlind 6-Panel Runner Blind, silver (GBI-6PR-AZ)
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Do blinds bother turkeys?

Field: Blind!

You might sit on a field edge and score, but turkeys want to be out in fields. A blind lets you be there with them. … Find a hot field, wait till turkeys leave, pop a blind up at a likely spot and return the next day. Those pesky field birds might end up in your lap.

How do you blind hunt a turkey?

When you are behind the decoy, the approaching turkey is looking right into your portable turkey blind. Instead, determine where a likely gobbler will approach from and position portable hunting blinds between him and the decoys, ideally on your shooting side.

Do you need to brush in a turkey blind?

Blind Setup

You MUST set up your ground blind well in advance of the season, and you must brush it in. Deer are familiar with everything in their environment, and anything new or out of place will give them cause for suspicion until they get used to it.

Where do you put the turkey blind?

Turkeys typically feed in open areas like fields or pastures. Set up your blind on the edge of the field, so it’s still concealed by surrounding woods and foliage. You need the blind to be hidden, but also enough open area to set up decoys and have a clear shooting range.

How early should I be in the woods for turkey hunting?

Most states allow hunting a half-hour before sunrise so be in the woods early. How early? Get to your setup site at least 30 to 45 minutes before shooting light.

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Is it worth hunting turkeys in the rain?

Turkey Hunting in the Rain

Turkeys will opt to stay in the roost longer. Once they do fly down, they will alter their daily routine. Rainy evenings and mornings can also produce fog. Foggy mornings will likewise keep birds in the trees usually until the fog lifts.

Is Camo necessary for turkey hunting?

You’ve noticed by now that full camouflage is a necessity for turkey hunting. … The one camouflage-breaking color you might have to wear is fluorescent orange. Some states in certain turkey seasons require hunters to wear some form of fluorescent orange while moving or sitting.

Do Turkey care about blinds?

Turkeys won’t care about your blind. Most of the time, I set my blind up right in the middle a field and decoys 8-10 yards out in front of it.

Can a turkey see a blind?

It just takes time. And while turkeys are not generally spooked or alarmed by a blind, they can initially be overly cautious about anything new in their territory. Getting the blind set well before the season opener allows birds to acclimate to the blind’s presence. It quickly becomes part of the landscape.

Do pop up blinds scare turkey?

Blinds seeen not to bother the Turkeys, I have had decoys scare them later in the season. Much depends on the hunting pressure. Many areas are just like you see on the videos…with birds totally disregarding the blinds….even in an open field. But, given enough hunting pressure, birds will become “blind shy”.

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How many turkey decoys should I put out?

If I am fall turkey hunting, I will use up to four or five decoys to create a flock, since turkeys are traveling together during that time of the year. How far away from my setup do I place my decoys? I like putting my decoys about 15 to 20 yards away.

How long do you sit turkey hunting?

It’s tough deciding when enough is enough. If I’m in a good spot, I discipline myself to sit for at least 30 minutes, more if I feel confident. That’s not to say that if you’d given it one more minute, you’d have killed the bird that sneaked in on you, but staying longer is better than leaving too soon.

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