Who is the kid in duck season?

David is the main protagonist of the Duck Season game. He is the 11 year old child you play as through the game. His mother rented him the cursed cartridge for one day, thus her saying to make the most of it.

Is the kazoo kid in duck season?

Kazoo Kid Trap Remix

When the player has played for some time in the game, a rather familiar face will show up, the Kazoo Kid.

Who is the killer dog in duck season?

The Dog is the main antagonist of the 2017 creepypasta-styled VR game Duck Season. It is first a sprite that appears in the seemingly innocent game of Duck Season, tricking the player into shooting it instead of the ducks, but becomes increasingly aggressive and dangerous towards the player.

Who is David’s father in duck season?

Not much is known about David’s dad as he never appeared in game. He only appeared in a family portrait. It is unknown if either he died or divorced David’s Mom. It is also unknown what happened to him.

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Does the mom die in duck season?

If played long enough, it cuts to the game and reads: “Where’s Mom?”, forcing the player to turn around, only revealing that The Dog has brutally murdered the David’s Mom, and left David a message, telling him to “Come, face me”.

Is the dog from Duck Season the dad?

He appears in the TV screen in front of you, making hand gestures like pointing to the player, then at himself and making a cradle motion rocking a baby, theorized to mean “I am your father”, however, Stress Level Zero posted a post saying that The Dog wasn’t David’s father, and that even when they planned to make …

How many endings are in duck season?

There are 7 endings in the game.

Is Duck Hunt a horror game?

The premise for the psychological horror VR game Duck Season by Stress Level Zero is based in part on Duck Hunt.

What is the story behind duck season?

Duck Season is a coming-of-age tale set in 1988: You play as a kid who just got the hottest new game, passing the hours by shooting ducks as they soar over a beautiful field at sunset. As the game runs on, you’re able to play seven other mini games on a clunky tube television, but Duck Season is the real treat.

Is duck season on Oculus quest?

There is currently no Quest version of Duck Season. That title is only available on PC VR.

How do you kill a dog in duck season?

To achieve this ending, shoot the Dog at least once during the Duck Season game-play sessions. Then, in the “Come face me!” Level, let the Dog defeat you. During this ending, the Dog will shatter the TV and jump into the real world through it.

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Who created duck season?

Stress Level Zero

How do you get the kid wizard book in duck season?

The Kid Wizard book is an item in Duck Season: The Game.

Compatible items

  1. GGG magazine – This item takes you to a press conference room of sorts, where they can explore the set. …
  2. Action figure – This item places the player behind the couch in a giant-eques form.

How do you get the nuke at end of duck season?

How To Trigger The Ending. In Normal or Hard Mode, Keep shooting and Reload until you finally get the Gold shell. After your gun glows Gold shoot directly at the sun and the sun causes a nuke. After that you will get the “Nuke Ending” title appearing on your screen.

What does canon ending mean?

Its the story or ending that is accepted as “official.”

How do you get the best man at the end of duck season?

How to Trigger the Ending

  1. Upon starting the first level, antagonize the Dog by shooting at him.
  2. The Dog will appear spying on you on Level 6 or 7 from the yard, which can be signaled by the television broadcasting a live recording of you from the side. …
  3. Complete the next levels and on Level 8, the ending will begin.
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