Where can I hunt turkey in PA?

Where can I hunt wild turkey in PA?

Pennsylvania is home to the Eastern Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris). Our Turkey hunts take place on our 2700 acre private ranch. A Limited number of hunts each season allow us to maintain a good success rate on mature birds. We are located in WMU 4D.

When can you hunt turkey in PA?

Hunting hours begin one-half hour before sunrise and end at noon for the first two weeks of the statewide season (May 1 through May 15). Hunters are asked to be out of the woods by 1 p.m. when hunting hours end at noon. This is to minimize disturbance of nesting hens.

Can you hunt turkey from a tree stand in PA?

Yes you can hunt them from a treestand. Same rules that apply to a blind apply to a treestand.

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Can you hunt turkey in Pennsylvania?

It’s almost turkey-hunting time in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s spring turkey season kicks off Saturday, April 24 with a one-day youth hunt open to junior license holders and mentored hunters under 16 years old. Then, on Saturday, May 1, the statewide spring gobbler season opens and runs until May 31.

How many turkeys can you kill in PA?

Daily limit 1, season limit 2. (Second spring gobbler may be only taken by persons who possess a valid special wild turkey license.)

Can you hunt turkey on Sundays in PA?

The state permitted big-game hunting on Sundays for the first time in November 2020 when it opened hunting on three consecutive Sundays. Early indications are that the Pennsylvania Game Commission considered the Sunday hunts a success.

Any wildlife killed must be reported to the Game Commission. … Exclusion and trapping are probably the two most commonly used approaches for dealing with nuisance wildlife. Exclusion can be effective for some species, such as rabbits, bats, squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, groundhogs, Canada geese and other waterfowl.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in PA?

Qualified landowners, those with their land under continuous commercial cultivation, can hunt their own land without a hunting license during the legal seasons but they can not hunt on any other lands.

Can you hunt turkey with a 22 in PA?

(b) Spring turkey season. … While hunting turkey during the spring turkey season, it is unlawful to: (i) Use or possess a centerfire, rimfire or muzzleloading firearm that propels single projectile ammunition, except as authorized under section 2525 of the act.

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Is it illegal to shoot a turkey out of a tree stand?

If you plan to use a tree stand or hunt from an elevated platform, make sure it’s legal in the state you hunt. Some states don’t permit hunters to hunt from elevated platforms, while other states do. Check your local regulations, before you take a tree stand with you into the turkey woods.

It is unlawful, as well as unsafe, to stalk turkeys or turkey sounds. All hunters need to wait patiently and identify their targets properly prior to pulling the trigger.

Do you have to wear orange when turkey hunting in PA?

Hunters participating in the spring gobbler season are no longer required to wear a fluorescent orange hat while moving. A minimum of 250 square inches must be worn on the head, chest and back, combined, visible 360 degrees.

Do you need an archery license in PA?

No archery, muzzleloader or furtaker add-on privileges are available for this license. If a junior wants any of these privileges, he or she must purchase a Junior Resident Combination License. … Resident Senior Hunting License ($13.97): Issued to bona fide residents of Pennsylvania ages 65 and older.

What 3 Sundays can you hunt in PA?

The new law allows hunting on three Sundays: one during rifle deer season, one in archery deer season and a third that was to be determined by the game commission.

What is a jake turkey?

A jake is an immature male bird. How old is a jake turkey? Generally, people define a jake turkey as a one-year-old bird. They can also sometimes be confused with hens in the field. … A gobbler or tom turkey is a mature male bird.

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