Where can I hunt in Washington state?

Where is the best deer hunting in Washington state?

District 1. The mountains and valleys of District 1 (Game Management Units 101 through 121) offer the best whitetail hunting in Eastern Washington. With 37% of the land public, there’s plenty of opportunity for the enterprising hunter.

What can I hunt in WA?

The following animals are some of the feral species that can be regularly taken in Western Australia: Rabbits, hares, foxes, pigs, wild dogs, goats, camels, donkeys, wild horse and wild cattle. A note on duck shooting in WA.

Where can I hunt deer in Washington state?

Eastern Washington – Region 1

  • District 1 – Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens counties.
  • District 2 – Lincoln, Spokane, and Whitman counties.
  • District 3 – Asotin, Columbia, Garfield, and Walla Walla counties.
  • District 5 – Adams and Grant counties.
  • District 6 – Okanogan County.
  • District 7 – Chelan and Douglas counties.

How do I hunt in Washington state?

Take a Hunter Education Course

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Anyone born after January 1, 1972 must complete and pass an approved Hunter Education course before he or she may buy a license or hunt in the State of Washington.

How many deer can you kill in Washington?

Remember that you may only hunt in the season that matches your tag. Washington State is home to four subspecies of deer. Of those four, hunters are able to hunt three, black-tailed, white-tailed, and mule deer.

Is it illegal to feed deer in Washington state?

While the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) conducts winter feeding under certain conditions, we generally discourage citizens from feeding deer, elk and other wildlife species because of the potential for harm.

Can you shoot Kookaburras in WA?

“The kookaburra is an invasive species in WA,” he said. “Until recently, you could shoot them with impunity and people used to do that and get a community service award for doing that sort of thing.

The landholder must obtain a Regulation 5 – Damage Licence to shoot western grey kangaroos on their property. Landholder may shoot western grey kangaroos causing damage to primary production on their property without the need for a licence.

Can you shoot crows in WA?

It is permissible to kill unclassified wildlife, predatory birds, and game animals that are in the act of damaging commercial crops or attacking livestock or other domestic animals, under the following conditions: … 21.43, it is permissible to take crows or magpies to protect livestock or commercial crops.

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Can you hunt on your own land in Washington?

The state of Washington has strict laws prohibiting trespass on private land. Per RCW 77.15. 435, it is unlawful to hunt or retrieve wildlife from the property of another. Owners are not required to post their land.

Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in Washington?

(a) It is unlawful for any person to carry or have in his possession any firearm while archery hunting in the field during an archery season specified for that area, except for modern handguns carried for personal protection. … (f) It is unlawful to hunt wildlife with any bow equipped with a scope.

How much is a Washington state deer tag?

Big game license costs

License type Resident
License type Deer License Resident $44.90
License type Deer License W/discounted Small game license *** Resident $66.90
License type Elk License Resident $50.40
License type Elk License W/discounted Small game license*** Resident $72.40

Is Washington State Good for hunting?

90% of the state is OTC for both archery elk and deer. This includes mule deer. Plenty of public lands to hunt and several wilderness areas also. You have a variety of animals to hunt.

What time can I start hunting in Washington state?

Pacific Standard Time

A.M to P.M. Western Washington – Pheasant and quail hunting hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in all areas. Clark, Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Pacific, and Wahkiakum counties – Goose hunting hours during October – March are 30 min. after the start of official hunting hours to 30 min.

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Can you hunt squirrels in Washington state?

All of our native squirrels in Washington are protected by law and may not be hunted or trapped. … They are not protected and may be hunted if you have a valid hunting license. However, if they are live-trapped, they may not be released anywhere in the state other than on the property where they were caught.

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