Where can I go hunting in NH?

Where can I hunt in NH?

There are roughly 908,000 publicly accessible acres for hunting and fishing.

  • White Mountain National Forest. • 750,000 acres. …
  • Lake Francis State Park. • 24,442 acres. …
  • Coleman State Park. • Offers campsites and trails. …
  • Cardigan Mountain State Park and Forest. • 5,655 acres. …
  • Franconia Notch State Park. • 6,000 acres.


Can you go hunting in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire offers about 750,000 acres of public hunting. That’s good, given the relatively small size of the state.

Where is the best deer hunting in New Hampshire?

In fact, the best deer-hunting success in New Hampshire can be found in the crowded Seacoast – in towns like Madbury, (7.09 deer killed per square mile) East Kingston (6.85), Greenland (6.70), Durham (5.95) and the tiny Piscataqua River estuary community of New Castle, which saw a whopping 10.15 deer killed per square …

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Can you hunt unposted land in NH?

Can I hunt on posted land if I have the landowner’s permission? Yes. As with the question above for landowners, you can hunt on land – even if it’s posted – if you have the landowner’s permission – written or verbal.

Can you hunt on your own land without a license in NH?

Resident of NH Landowners: Resident landowners hunting on their own land do not need to purchase the basic firearm license (they cannot hunt off their property without a license). However, they must purchase any other licenses such as archery, muzzleloader, turkey, etc.

Can you shoot in the woods in NH?

in NH. –You can shoot anywhere in the National Forest as long as you 1. Don’t shoot across any trail, snowmobile trail, tentsite 2. are at least 15 feet off the right of way 3.

Can you hunt on Sunday in NH?

24,442 acres. Cardigan Mountain State Park and Forest. 5,655 acres.

Can you hunt on Sundays in NH?

Select the species name for more dates and details.
April 25 and April 26, 2020 Youth turkey-hunting weekend
September 15 – December 15 Deer/archery (Note: archery season closes one week early in WMU A)
September 15 – December 15 Fall turkey/archery

Can you hunt at night in NH?

Possess a firearm with ammunition, bow and arrow, or crossbow and bolt while attempting to locate or illuminate wild animals at night at any time of the year, except while coyote night hunting from January 1–March 31, raccoon hunting (see Furbearer Hunting & Trapping), or checking traps at night (see Furbearer Hunting …

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Can you shoot coyotes in NH?

In New Hampshire, there is no closed hunting season on coyotes and there is a five-month trapping season. Coyotes may be taken by trapping or shooting, but it is illegal to use poison as a control method.

How many deer are in a square mile in New Hampshire?

Recent estimates from New Hampshire (which are derived from similar data using similar modeling methodology) are 12.3 deer per square mile of habitat (100,118 deer in 8,140 square miles of deer habitat).

How much is a NH hunting license?

NH Fishing and Hunting License Prices

License Type Annual Fee Annual Fee
Hunting* $32.00 $113.00
Archery $32.00 $83.00
Senior Archery $3.00 N/A
Special Deer Archery $26.00 $26.00

Is New Hampshire a good hunting state?

Relatively undeveloped by southwestern New Hampshire standards, the largest park in the Granite State system offers lower hunting pressure in a region that boasts the highest deer densities in the state. Rugged terrain provides plenty of places for deer to escape, and the herd’s age structure proves it.

Can you shoot a gun on your property in NH?

It is illegal to fire any weapon on the property of another, within 300 feet of a building that is occupied, without prior permission from the owner.

Can you shoot someone for trespassing in NH?

New Hampshire law allows the use of deadly force against another person in the following situations: When a person is about to use deadly force against you or someone else; … If a person is likely to use unlawful force while committing a felony against someone in their own home or on the surrounding property.

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How many deer can you take in NH?

Regular Hunting or Combination License: allows the taking of one deer during the regular firearms deer season (Wildlife Management Unit restrictions apply).

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