When can you hunt axis deer in Hawaii?

All of our Big Game hunts are offered year round however the best months for Axis Deer are April-Sept as they are hard antlered in Hawaii during this time. Bird hunting is offered Nov-Jan.

How much does it cost to hunt axis deer in Hawaii?

A tag fee will be assessed at the time of hunter check-in. Hawai’i residents will be assessed $20.00 and non-Hawaii residents, $125.00 for each Axis deer tag.

Can I hunt axis deer in Hawaii?

The axis deer hunting with Pat Fisher, in Hawaii, has been the absolute best deer hunting experience of my life.” “Waikiki has its night life, but there is another side to the Hawaiian Islands. You connect with the land and its people when you hear the bugle of the axis buck and smell deer in the long grass.

Can you hunt axis deer in Hawaii without a guide?

Private land. All of the islands have designated public hunting areas that can be hunted without the use of a guide. Gaining access to most private land will require hiring a guide that has the hunting rights to the land.

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What do you need to hunt axis deer in Hawaii?

It’s mandatory to complete a hunter education course and avail a Hawaiian Hunting license from The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources to be able to hunt in Hawaii. 3. Apart from the license, you should also carry a safety card and a letter of exception.

Are Axis deer good to eat?

Their natural diet consists of grasses, live oak, sumac, acorns, and mushrooms. Their meat is mild in taste, extremely tender, and exceptionally low in fat (0.2 percent). Axis deer are generally considered by most hunters to be the best-tasting game meat.

Are there axis deer on the Big Island of Hawaii?

Axis Deer on Big Island, Hawaii A New Threat to Native Birds, Agriculture, Natural Resources. (June 2, 2011) A coalition of resource managers on Hawai’i Island have confirmed the presence of a new threat to the island’s biodiversity – introduced axis deer – in the areas of Kohala, Ka’u, Kona, and Mauna Kea.

Why are there no predators in Hawaii?

Hawaii is the most isolated island group in the world. … This is why a very distinct flora and fauna evolved in Hawaii over millions of years. Many of the native plants and animals evolved with few diseases and no natural predators and therefore needed few natural defenses.

What Hawaiian island can you hunt on?

About hunting in Hawaii

You can hunt on any of the six major islands in the state of Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and the big island of Hawaii. Each of these islands has one or more state-designated public hunting areas (called Hunting Units), which are open for hunting at certain times during each year.

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Who brought axis deer to Hawaii?

The United States. In the 1860s, axis deer were introduced to the island of Molokai, Hawaii, as a gift from Hong Kong to King Kamehameha V. The deer were introduced to Lanai, another of the Hawaiian Islands, soon afterward and are now plentiful on both islands.

Are there snakes in Hawaii?

Hawaii has no native snakes, and it’s illegal to own the animals in the islands.

How much is a Axis deer hunt?

Axis Deer Hunts

Axis Buck 1 2 days of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, 1 Axis buck up to 15″ (main beam length) $1800
Axis Buck 2 2 days of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, 1 Axis buck up to 22″ $2200
Axis Buck 3 2 days of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, 1 Axis buck up to 27″ $2700

How much is it to hunt in Hawaii?

Overall, the average cost of hunting in Hawaii will cost somewhere around $800 or $900. What are the different animals that you can hunt in Hawaii? There are few species you can hunt during a specific season or throughout the year, provided you have a valid Hawaii hunting license.

Why did Hawaii get axis deer?

Hawaii was a base to explore the Pacific and a halfway point to Asia, but some of the early sailors found it tough to restock their ships without land mammals to hunt. A few different peculiarities of the Hawaiian islands made it a great home for the axis deer.

Do you need tags to hunt in Hawaii?

The regulations for hunting licenses in Hawaii are: It is compulsory for hunters to possess a valid Hawaii hunting license, or any tag and permit required for the game, every time they are in a hunting area. It is a prohibition to transfer hunting permits, tags, and stamps to any other person or hunter for use.

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Can you hunt goats in Hawaii?

On Hawai’i Island, goat hunting is allowed year-round in some areas and during part of the year in other areas. Many hunting enthusiasts continue to hunt for goat and utilize the meat they catch to supplement their families dietary needs. Goats can also pose a danger to drivers.

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