What is the strongest wild turkey?

What is the best wild turkey?

  1. Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof. Wild Turkey.
  2. Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Bottled in Bond. Wild Turkey. …
  3. Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Aged 17 Years. …
  4. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon. …
  5. Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye. …
  6. Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel. …
  7. Wild Turkey Longbranch. …
  8. Russell’s Reserve Bourbon 10 Years Old. …

Is Wild Turkey 101 any good?

Wild Turkey 101 is a good, but not great, bourbon. At its best, it’s straightforward and drinkable, so it’s appropriate for many situations. It was also significantly more mellow than I expected. It doesn’t require much of my attention, and sometimes that’s all I need.

What bourbon has the highest alcohol content?

Possibly the strongest bourbon we’ve ever come across, Elijah Craig is clearly going for gold here with their 68% barrel-proof expression that’s top-shelf stuff without a doubt but certainly will need a couple drops of distilled water to help cut through the heat.

What’s the best Wild Turkey bourbon?

1. Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon: By far and away, the most popular bourbon in the line up is Rare Breed. Introduced in 1991, during the early days of the Small Batch era, Rare Breed is draws on some of the oldest whiskey used in a regular Turkey release.

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What mixes good with Wild Turkey?


  • Bitters.
  • Campari.
  • Citrus.
  • Cranberry Juice.
  • Egg White.
  • Fresh Fruit.
  • Fresh Herbs.
  • Ginger.

Is Wild Turkey Expensive?

At an average price of $22 a bottle, VinePair ranked Wild Turkey 101 among the best bourbons under $25 in 2019. Its Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon ranks among the world’s best bourbons, racking up a score of 90 and an average price of $179, according to Wine-Searcher.

Is Wild Turkey good straight?

Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey can be sipped. It’s gentle on the palate, but there’s some character there. … It’s said that Jimmy Russell drinks a tall glass of Wild Turkey on ice throughout the day. Whether or not this is true, I can’t verify, but I can say that Wild Turkey Straight Bourbon fits well for that purpose.

Is Wild Turkey 101 Cheap?

Best Under $30: Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey

This classic stalwart needs no introduction—perhaps just a reminder that it’s a tasty bottle at an affordable price and not just something to pound before chasing with a beer. Wild Turkey 101 is a wonderfully versatile bourbon.

Is Wild Turkey whiskey top shelf?

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year Old Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – A Truly Top Shelf Long Aged Bourbon | The Whiskey Jar.

Is 120 proof strong?

A liquor’s proof is calculated by doubling the percentage of alcohol in the liquid. So, vodka that contains 30 percent alcohol would be 60 proof. Most vodka is 40 percent alcohol, or 80 proof. Vodka containing 60 percent of the total volume in alcohol is 120 proof.

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What whiskey is 100 proof?

Answer: Proof is defined as twice the alcohol (ethanol) content by volume. For example, a whisky with 50% alcohol is 100-proof whiskey. Anything 120-proof would contain 60% alcohol, and 80-proof means 40% of the liquid is alcohol.

Does Bourbon have more alcohol than whiskey?

Bourbon is made from a grain mash that contains at least 51% corn, while Scotch whiskeys are typically made from malted grains (1, 2).

Nutritional comparison.

Bourbon Scotch
Alcohol 14 grams 14 grams

Can you drink Wild Turkey straight?

Purists like to drink it neat, which means that the bourbon is at room temperature, and without ice. … Approximately one finger of Wild Turkey 101 proof boubon whiskey on the rocks. Before drinking, take some time to enjoy the beauty of the color of your bourbon, and inhale the aroma.

Is Wild Turkey cheap bourbon?

Particularly easy, since it’s an affordable wheated bourbon. … Wild Turkey also makes an 80-proof bourbon, but the 101 is its true flagship. It has a mash bill that’s “high rye” (75 percent corn, 13 percent rye, 12 percent malted barley) and is aged in barrels with a deep char, then bottled at near barrel-proof.

Is Wild Turkey a premium bourbon?

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

It was a premium bourbon bottled at barrel proof and proved to the spirits community — including Jimmy Russell and Wild Turkey, clearly — that whiskey drinkers wanted more than affordability and flavored spirit. … Wild Turkey whiskey has a lower barrel entry proof than any major whiskey producer.

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