What is the best whitetail hunting clothing?

What is the best whitetail hunting clothes?

Whitetail Gear

  • Equinox Pant. $199.00. The newly redesigned Equinox Pant is the perfect all-around high-performance whitetail pant.
  • Celsius Midi Jacket. $289.00. …
  • Downpour Jacket. $349.00. …
  • Fanatic Jacket. $449.00. …
  • Fanatic Lite Jacket. $299.00. …
  • Incinerator Jacket. $649.00 $519.20. …
  • Equinox Hoody. $199.00. …
  • Heavyweight Zip-T. $129.00.

What is the best hunting clothing brand?

Each of the following brands specializes in creating high-quality hunting clothes that have unique technologies, patterns, and fabrics.


  • Baselayers.
  • Mid/insulation layers.
  • Outwear.


Is KUIU better than Sitka?

Generally speaking, there’s a slight difference in what those two focus on. Sitka definitely feels more durable – especially their mountain pants or merino shirts. You won’t see fraying which is why a lot of their crews/shirts like this one are so popular.

Is KUIU good for whitetail hunting?

Hunting whitetail deer takes a lot of patience, and being in the right place at the right time. … KUIU offers high quality deer hunting clothing and accessories for both early and late season buck hunts.

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What hunting clothes are quietest?

Down below, you’ll find everything you need to eliminate the noise you make and yet fully renew your hunting wardrobe from head to toe.

  • Scent Blocker Dead Quiet Jacket. …
  • Scent Blocker Dead Quiet Pants. …
  • Kryptek Stalker Camo Hunting Pants. …
  • Sneek EZ Sneek Suit (For Over Your Clothing) …
  • Earoomze 3D Hooded Hunting Suit.


What hunting clothes to buy?

Here are 10 things to consider before buying your first set of deer hunting camo.

  • Temperature. Camouflage insulated bib overalls like these are waterproof, breathable and, when paired with a good jacket, will keep you warm in the coldest of weather. …
  • Terrain (Pattern) …
  • Layers. …
  • Pants. …
  • Jacket. …
  • Belt. …
  • Face Mask. …
  • Hat.


Is Sitka clothing worth the money?

It may be a little more expensive but it’s definitely worth it, the camo pattern on the sitka gear is so much more advanced that the KUIU. Plus in my opinion, Sitka is way more durable, comfortable, and warm.

Are Sitka clothes worth the money?

I think Sitka is worth the money. Comfortable functional hunting clothing makes the experience more enjoyable. I’ve shot a few deer in my flip flops and shorts recently. Definitely don’t need the expensive stuff to get the job done.

Why is Sitka clothing so expensive?

The truth is; the materials Sitka gear is made of is used, with equal performance, by many other manufacturers. Sitka is no better than gear that can be had for half the price.

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What’s better Sitka or first lite?

Warmth: This is the biggest difference between the two brands. Sitka Gear is heavier & warmer, while First Lite is lightweight and built with mobility in mind. Sitka is better as cold-weather gear, First Lite is better if you need something lightweight with mobility.

Is KUIU cheaper than Sitka?

In short, we can’t really justify recommending KUIU, especially when most of their gear matches or exceeds the price of Sitka but offers much less in quality and durability. Though, they may be appealing if you desire a very slim fit and are very careful with your hunting gear.

Is Sitka gear made in China?

Is Sitka gear made in USA? NOT tying to start a debate, just want to know where they are manufactured. Nope. China.

What is KUIU quietest jacket?

The Axis Hybrid Hooded Jacket and Axis Hybrid Pant are KUIU’s quietest soft-shell outer layers. They’re built with a fleece-lined inner layer with a wind and water-resistant outer layer.

Is KUIU good camo?

In fact I only bought the kuiu because it was cheaper than the sitka, which turned out to be a mistake. So I wear sitka, but still feel a bit ashamed. The Tusx is definitely the best camo I’ve ever used. The garments are of good quality, maybe not the best, but good enough.

Is KUIU gear quiet?

Kuiu guide is very quiet. Stick bow quiet.

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