What hunting season is it in MN?

Archery Sept. 19-Dec. 31
Firearms Nov. 7-22**
Muzzleloader Nov. 28-Dec. 13
Youth Hunt Oct. 15-18

What can you hunt in Minnesota?


  • Game species: 110.
  • Deer: 158,854.
  • Bear: 4,110.
  • Moose: 125.
  • Small game: Common snipe – 3,000. Coot – 20,000. Fox – 16,000. Hungarian partridge – 11,000. Pheasant – 358,000. Eastern cottontail rabbit – 52,000. White-tailed jack rabbit – 4,000. Snowshoe hare – 11,000. Ruffed grouse – 249,000. Sharp-tailed grouse – 9,000.

How long is the deer hunting season in Minnesota?

Deer seasons

09/19/26 – 12/31/26 Deer – Archery Statewide
10/15/26 – 10/18/26 Deer – Youth Statewide
11/7/26 – 11/22/26 Deer – Firearm (Season A) 100 Series permit areas
11/7/26 – 11/15/26 Deer – Firearm (Season A) 200 & 300 Series permit areas
11/21/26 – 11/29/26 Deer – Firearm (Season B) 300 Series permit areas
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What can you hunt in the spring in MN?

Gophers – Spring hunters can take gophers without restriction on time or season. Hunters cannot use lights to aid in the killing of gophers. Porcupines – Whether for skill or quills, hunters can legally take porcupines throughout the year, including during the spring.

Can I shoot a deer from my house in Minnesota?

Where not to hunt. … Hunting within city limits or shooting within 500 feet of any buildings occupied by humans or livestock without written permission of the owner is not allowed.

Can I buy a gun at a gun show in Minnesota?

A buyer who is 18 can purchase a handgun or assault-style rifle in a person-to-person sale at a gun show or in a personal transaction, and a 14-year-old can buy any other kind of rifle or shotgun in a person-to-person transaction ‘without’ the permission of a parent.

What is the biggest game animal in Minnesota?

Deer: The animal

The biggest white-tailed deer ever recorded in Minnesota was a 500-pound buck. A whitetail’s home range is about a square mile.

How many bucks can you kill in Minnesota?

A total of 2 deer can be taken in managed areas, regardless of license type. Hunters can mix and match licenses and bonus permits so long as they do not exceed 2 deer total per year, no matter how many managed areas they hunt.

Can you hunt deer with an AR 15 in Minnesota?

Re: Anyone here hunt deer with an AR style of rifle? MN currently has no magazine restrictions while deer hunting.

How many deer can you shoot in Minnesota 2020?

You may shoot only one buck per year, regardless of how many licenses you have. In lottery areas, the bag limit is one deer per year. The bag limit is two deer per year in managed areas, and five per year in intensive areas.

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Badgers are a protected species in Minnesota so you cannot lethally trap or shoot them except during regulated seasons or with a special removal permit from the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife.

What Animals Can you hunt all year-round in Minnesota?

Hunting in Minnesota: Three Animals To Hunt Year-Round

  • Coyotes – Wild members of the dog family, coyotes are larger than foxes and smaller than wolves. …
  • Woodchucks – Woodchucks can be found in both rural and urban areas where they feed on a variety of vegetables and grasses.

Are there elk in Minnesota?

Elk, which are members of the deer family and can weigh up to 900 pounds, once were found throughout the majority of Minnesota. … Today, Kittson and Marshall counties in northwest Minnesota are home to three herds of elk. Today, Kittson and Marshall counties in northwest Minnesota are home to three herds of elk.

Can you hunt on your own land in Minnesota?


Much of the land in Minnesota is privately owned. Hunters can typically freely take game animals hunted on their own private property, or may seek permission from a landowner to hunt on private property.

Can you carry a pistol while deer hunting in MN?

Once you have a permit to carry you are permitted to carry your pistol in public places unless otherwise prohibited. Note that the permit applies to pistols only, so it is still not permitted to carry rifles and shotguns in public places unless unloaded and cased.

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Can you carry a handgun while hunting in Minnesota?

MN has no law dictating open or concealed. If it’s legal to carry, you can carry it open or concealed. Don’t get MN confused with WI where you MUST open carry while hunting. The DNR regs allow anyone over 18 to carry a handgun in the woods or fields or upon the waters to hunt or target shoot.

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