What gear do I need to hunt elk?

What do I need for my first elk hunt?

An elk hunt requires gear – boots, raingear, cold weather layers, backpacks, binoculars and more. Each of these things can be the difference between a successful, enjoyable hunt and miserable, painful one. Don’t skimp on gear. These off-season preparations are just a few tips to help you prepare for your next elk hunt.

What do you need for elk hunting archery?

  • Before leaving home do this: □ Sharpen Knife/Broadheads. □ Buy Landowner/Cabin owner a Gift : ) …
  • □ Bow/Gun Sling. □ Rachet Clippers. □ Spotting Scope. …
  • □ Boots – Waterproof/Snakeproff. □ Pants. □ Camo Stocking Hat – Blaze Orange (Check. …
  • □ Binoculars. □ Hearing Protection. …
  • □ Water Bottle. □ Cooler. …
  • Calls: □ Bugle Cow Call.

What do I need to hunt elk in Colorado?

Elk Hunting Season

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In-state hunters will need a valid Colorado Hunter Safety card, along with the proper tag. The 2019 elk hunting seasons varies by choice of archery, muzzleloading or rifle. Archery is first, followed by muzzleloading and rifle last.

What state has the highest success rate for elk hunting?

Wyoming claims an amazing overall 44.4% average hunter success rate (includes OTC tags), followed now by Utah at 26.4% (Utah is always late, so waiting on 2017 harvest data). Idaho dropped to third place followed by Montana.

How do you get in shape for elk hunting?

Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and air squats train your whole body. A great workout to prepare for hunts is weighted step-ups—wearing a backpack with some heavy stuff in it and stepping up on a cooler then back down.

What should I bring on my backcountry elk hunt?


  • Hunting license/tags.
  • Game bags (six lightweight muslin bags for boned-out elk)
  • Thermometer.
  • Camera/extra batteries.
  • Flashlight/extra batteries.
  • Water bottle/bladder for hunting pack.
  • Reading material.
  • Fishing gear (optional)

What is the best backpack for elk hunting?

  • Here’s The Best Elk Hunting Backpack, Backed By 26+ Hours Of Research.
  • 5 Best Backpacks For Elk Hunting.
  • Best Overall: Badlands 2200.
  • Eberlestock Team Elk Pack.
  • Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack.
  • ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag.
  • Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack.
  • Hunting Backpack FAQ.

Do you need camo for elk hunting?

So, do you need camouflage to hunt deer, elk, antelope, sheep, goats, or pigs? Probably not, if you’re hunting with a rifle. If you avoid colors that the animals see best — such as blue — and dress in drab grays or browns, you shouldn’t be terribly obvious to them.

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How much does a Colorado elk hunt cost?

For Colorado residents, elk tags do not include a small game hunting or fishing license. The cost for small game license is $50.37 and the cost is $30.11 for Bull Elk (Antlered), Either Sex Elk tags or for cow/calf (Antlerless). The cost for Resident Youth tag is $1.26 for small game and $15.68 for elk tags.

What is the best time to hunt elk in Colorado?

Time of Day: Elk, like many animals, are most active during the morning and evening hours. Middle of the day hunts may be effective during the rut, but if you are looking for the most activity, shoot for early morning and dusk.

Where is the best place to hunt elk in Colorado?

Look to the Routt National Forest where you’ll find large elk numbers. The basic movement is from the higher to lower elevations in response to hunting pressure and elevation. With 48 percent of the land available to the public, hunters, over the past few years, have reported about an 18% success rate.

Where is the cheapest place to hunt elk?

Affordable Archery Elk Hunts

  • Idaho/Wyoming Public Land. This outfitter has the best trophy quality of the four with chances at bulls over 320″. …
  • New Mexico Private Land with Landowner Permits Included. This hunt has two different kinds of ranches. …
  • Colorado Public Land.

What is the best state to hunt elk in?

So, here are the 10 states with the best elk hunting opportunities.

  1. Colorado. Many say Colorado is the best state for hunting elk because of its numbers.
  2. Oregon. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. …
  3. Utah. Utah rivals Arizona when it comes to trophy elk hunting. …
  4. Idaho. …
  5. Montana. …
  6. Wyoming. …
  7. New Mexico. …
  8. Washington. …
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How many elk are killed by hunters each year?

The Department of Fish & Wildlife estimates hunters killed 27,000 deer, with 4,400 taken by bowhunters, according to its 2017 Game Harvest Report. The report estimates hunters killed 5,500 elk, of which 1,800 were taken by archers.

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