Is Wild Turkey healthier than store bought?

Eating meat from turkey caught in the wild has health benefits you won’t find in the processed turkey sold in stores. During turkey season, you have a chance to harvest your own wild turkey, which is much healthier than its domesticated counterparts. …

Is Wild Turkey better than store bought turkey?

Short answer: No. The wild turkey tastes different than the domestic turkey. … According to Exotic Meats USA, “Wild turkey are smaller and have darker meat, richer, more intense flavor, and firmer texture than domestic turkey. “The breast, being smaller, tends to cook faster than legs or thighs.

Is Wild Turkey healthy?

Wild turkey is unusually low in fat and is a fantastic heart healthy option. … Wild turkey meat has far less sodium than processed turkey meats. No Nitrites. As wild turkey meat does not contain nitrites used in processed turkey, it is a much healthier choice by far.

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Is there white meat on a wild turkey?

The white meat comes from the breast, which turkeys use to flap their wings. Wild turkeys fly only as a last resort, in a short burst, to escape predators. White meat consists of fast-twitch muscle fibres that contract quickly, but become exhausted quickly too.

Should you soak Wild Turkey?

No matter how you cook your bird, brining it helps keep it moist. That means soaking it in a saltwater solution. … Because wild turkey is much leaner than domestic turkey, you’ll want to add fat if you’re roasting your bird. Rub the skin and inner body cavity with generous amounts of butter.

Can you get sick from eating wild turkey?

There is no consumption risk, although the idea of eating a sick bird rates high on the kitchen table “ick” list. LPDV was first recognized in 1972 in domestic turkeys from the United Kingdom, and was later reported in domestic turkeys in Austria, Netherlands and Israel. … Wild turkeys are disease prone.

Do wild turkeys carry diseases?

A number of bacterial and viral infections occur in wild turkeys, but diseases and parasites are rarely limiting factors affecting turkey populationsanywhere within their range. In fact, no wild turkeys have ever been linked to disease outbreaks in domestic poultry or cattle.

Is Turkey healthier than venison?

Deer – A 3-ounce serving of venison has 136 calories, 26 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fat. Deer meat also has niacin, riboflavin, and iron. Turkey – A favorite of fall dinner tables, wild turkey is significantly leaner and gamier than the overstuffed, hormone-enhanced turkeys you see at stores around Thanksgiving.

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What’s the healthiest meat?

5 Healthiest Meats

  1. Buffalo (Bison) No matter how good white meat can be, it will never truly satiate the craving for red meat. …
  2. Pork. Pork chops used to be on the doctors’ hit list. …
  3. Chicken. White meat is much better for you than red — that’s a well-known fact. …
  4. Turkey. This big bird never saw it coming. …
  5. Fish.


How do you get the gamey taste out of Turkey?

Place your meat in a bowl of ice cold water; let it sit for 1 to 2 minutes then drain. Then fill your bowl with warm to hot tap water and let sit for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times. This process causes the meat to expand and contract forcing out excess blood and therefore removing the gamey flavor.

Why do turkeys turn white?

Originally all the domestic turkeys were of the bronze color, the same as the wild ones, but years ago farmers bred turkeys to be white because when the feathers were plucked from the bird the pin feathers left were white, which made the bird more attractive in the supermarkets.

Is Turkey white or dark meat?

In general, what makes one cut of turkey — or any other type of poultry — darker than another is the type of muscle it contains. … Since turkeys and chickens are flightless and walk a lot, their leg meat is dark while their wing and breast meat are white.

What’s the difference between a white turkey and a black turkey?

Black turkey characteristics include a fuller, gamier flavour, a smaller breast than the White varieties and a fine texture.

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Should I soak wild turkey breast in salt?

Should you soak Wild Turkey? Place either the whole turkey or the breast meat in cold water that is lightly salted for about 8 hours or overnight. If you are just using the breast meat, soak it in the water in the refrigerator. If using the whole bird, a clean cooler with ice water works well.

How long can you keep wild turkey in the fridge?

Fresh turkeys can be stored safely in the fridge at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below for up to two days, or in the freezer at 0 degreeindefinitely.

What is the best way to prepare wild turkey?


  1. Preheat oven to 325°. Place turkey on a rack in a roasting pan; place apples in turkey cavity. …
  2. Cover and bake until a thermometer reads 170°, 3-1/2 hours, basting occasionally if desired. Turkey may be uncovered for the last 30 minutes for additional browning if desired.
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