Is there good hunting in Illinois?

A short firearm season, ample tags and a wealth of quality whitetail habitat make Illinois one of the most popular bowhunting destinations in the country. For decades hunters have flocked to the Golden Triangle region (Pike, Brown and Adams counties in hopes of bagging trophy deer.

Where is the best deer hunting in Illinois?

A number of good deer hunting areas lie in northwest Illinois. Most are found along the Illinois River and its feeder creeks. Deer hunters in Fulton County, downriver from Peoria, posted the second-best county-by-county deer harvest last year, with 4,014 deer harvested.

Is deer hunting good in Illinois?

Still, there is a lot of good deer hunting in Illinois. You just might have to pay a little more for it.

What do people hunt in Illinois?

Illinois upland game choices include great hunting for pheasant, bobwhite quail, rabbit, and squirrel hunters. Coyote and fox are popular predator hunting species. Excellent migratory waterfowl hunting opportunities for both ducks and geese are also found throughout Illinois.

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What is in season to hunt in Illinois right now?

Fall archery season is closed during deer firearms season for hunter safety. **Season dates vary by zone.

Illinois Deer Seasons.

Archery Oct. 1-Jan. 17
Muzzleloader Dec. 11-13
Firearms Nov. 20-22 and Dec. 3-6
Youth Firearms Hunt Oct. 10-12

How much does it cost to hunt in Illinois?

Non-Resident Licenses/Permits

Name Fee Available Online
Non-Resident Hunting License $57.75 Online
Non-Resident Hunting License (5 day) $35.75 Online
Non-Resident Hunting Preserve License $12.50 Online
Non-Resident Initial Commercial Fishing License $300.50 Online

How much does it cost to deer hunt in Illinois?

Archery Deer Permits & License Cost

Non-Resident Archery Deer Permit: Combo Either Sex & Antlerless $421.28
Non-Resident Yearly Hunting License $57.75
Non-Resident Habitat Stamp Total: $5.50 $487.11

How many deer can you kill in IL?

BAG LIMIT: One deer per legally authorized permit. No hunter, regardless of the quantity or type of permits in his/her possession, may harvest more than 2 antlered deer during a year, including the Youth, Archery, Muzzleloader and Firearm Seasons.

Can I hunt on my own property in Illinois?

Where can I hunt deer in Illinois? … Hunting is also allowed on private property IF you have received prior permission from the landowner or tenant. IDNR has a Land Access Permission Card to facilitate this approval. “Property Only Hunting” permits are available to landowners who meet the requirements.

How late can I shoot a deer in Illinois?


Firearm (Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Handgun) 20–22 Nov and 3–6 Dec 2020 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
Muzzleloader only 11–13 Dec 2020
Special CWD 31 Dec 2020–3 Jan 2021 and 15–17 Jan 2021
Late-Winter Antlerless-only (Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Handgun) 31 Dec 2020–3 Jan 2021 and 15–17 Jan 2021
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Is it illegal to kill squirrels in Illinois?

Most small mammals may be killed or removed without a permit. … A permit is needed to remove eastern woodrats, rice rats, and Franklin’s ground squirrels, which are listed as endangered or threatened species in Illinois.

How far away from a house can you hunt in Illinois?

Statewide Regulations

You cannot legally hunt or allow a dog to hunt within 300 yards of an inhabited dwelling without first obtaining permission of the owner or tenant of the dwelling.

Can I shoot a coyote on my property in Illinois?

Coyotes are nocturnal and usually feed from dusk to dawn—the key word here is “usually.” Coyotes can be hunted and trapped year ’round in Illinois, and the use of electronic calls is legal. Check the State of Illinois Hunting and Trapping Regulations for further information.

In Illinois, red foxes are protected as Furbearers. … Red foxes may be hunted or trapped mid-November through mid-February. There is no limit to the number of red foxes an individual with a trapping license may take during the legal season.

Can you shoot rabbits in your yard in Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) recommends hiring a professional wildlife removal service to capture and remove rabbits. In rural areas, rabbits may be taken during open hunting seasons. Only a current “Open” firearms licence is required to hunt on private property.

Do landowners need a hunting license in Illinois?

f) Illinois landowners or tenants who do not wish to hunt only on the land they own, rent or lease must apply for permits in the same manner as the applicant who is not a landowner or tenant.

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