Is there a fall turkey hunting season in Illinois?

October 23 – October 31, 2021.

Can you hunt turkeys in the fall?

Everywhere fall turkeys are hunted, any bird is legal game. That means adult hens, young-of-the-year males (known as jakes), young-of-the-year hens (often called jennies), and, of course, gobblers. … Hens that didn’t pull off broods often group up together too. These are the birds you’ll be targeting.

When can you hunt turkeys in Illinois?

Hunting Hours: One-half hour before sunrise until 1 p.m. Roost: It is illegal to shoot a wild turkey while it is in a tree BEFORE 7 a.m. Seasons: A permit is only valid for the one season identified on the permit.

What Turkey season is it in Illinois?

Spring Turkey Application & Season Dates

1st ​ Season​ ​April 10-14 ​April 3-7
2nd season​ ​April 15-20 ​April 8-13
3rd Season​ April 21-26​ ​April 14-19
4th ​ Season​ April 27-May 3​ ​April 20-26
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How do you attract turkeys in the fall?

Here are the best ways to get your turkey in the autumn season.

  1. Pick Off a Loner. If you spot a turkey off by itself, get ahead of it. …
  2. Scatter and Recall. This classic fall turkey tactic is also the most fun. …
  3. Get Under a Roost. …
  4. Challenge a Flock. …
  5. Provoke a Gobbler. …
  6. Kee Kee Run. …
  7. Lost Yelp. …
  8. Gobbler Yelp.


Are wild turkeys hard to hunt?

When gobblers are hard to hunt, they are hard to hunt. That’s what we have here for you — three extremely tough-to-kill longbeards that exhibit very different actions. The key to killing these turkeys is understanding their personalities — and they do have personalities — before formulating a game plan.

Should I use decoys for fall turkey hunting?

“Fall turkeys, regardless of their age or sex, want to be with other turkeys. The visual confirmation of a decoy that all is safe can be a real game changer in the fall, especially in terms of drawing a bird within range.” Morrett affirms that his all-purpose autumn decoy is the Avian-X Lookout model.

How many turkeys can you kill in Illinois?

Bag Limit: One male turkey (gobbler); or one hen with a visible beard per permit, with a maximum of 3 permits. Once you have your limit, you may not further participate with a weapon in any turkey hunting party.

What time does turkey season end in Illinois?

Dates & Limits

Youth Spring 27–28 Mar and 3–4 Apr 2021 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1 pm
Fall (shotgun) 24 Oct–1 Nov 2020 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Fall (archery) 1 Oct 2020–17 Jan 2021 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
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Is turkey season open in Illinois?

Illinois has multiple hunting zones, but the turkey hunting season this spring will run from April 5-May 13th 2021.

Can you buy turkey tags over the counter in Illinois?

a turkey permit

You can purchase a license and the habitat stamp online through DNR Direct, over the counter from a license vendor or by calling 1-866-716-6550. There are several types of permits available either online, over the counter, or by mailing in a paper application.

Are wild turkeys protected in Illinois?

Please note, because wild turkeys are protected by the Illinois Wildlife Code, it is illegal to kill or remove wild turkeys or to destroy their nests or eggs without specific permits and licenses.

What is the limit on turkeys?

Hunters are limited to one bearded turkey per day with a spring season limit of three birds. Nonlead shot is required when taking wildlife with a firearm anywhere in the state. Turkeys also can be legally hunted with air rifles and lead pellets of at least 0.177 caliber.

Is Fall turkey hunting any good?

Thanks to concerted efforts by the National Wild Turkey Federation and its partners, turkey populations are plentiful across the country and fall and spring are equally great times to head for the woods. As many as 44 states offer fall hunting, which gives turkey chasers another chance to tag a bird.

Do turkeys travel the same path?

Turkeys are creatures of habit. Although they may not use the precise locations and travel routes every day, the flock will stay in the same general areas. Food, water, fields, cover and roost trees typically dictate their travel routines, so be mindful of these factors when scouting.

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Is Fall turkey hunting different than spring?

Myth 2: Spring turkey hunting is traditional.

Actually fall and winter turkey hunting has a longer tradition. Many fall hunters switched to spring turkey hunting, and an influx of new turkey hunters only took to spring season.

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