Is the Mossberg 500 good for hunting?

The Mossberg 500 has been a staple in the shotgun game for over fifty years, and for a good reason: … Today, there are two types of Mossberg 500s made: the field model and the special purpose model. The field model is perfect for hunting, while the special purpose is optimal for self-defense and law enforcement.

Is Mossberg 500 good for deer?

A Slug Barrel For Big Bucks In Big Timber

My gosh, when you add in the FLEX capabilities that Mossberg now offers, you can put a tactical stock on that old 500 you have, with a pistol grip, too. Now you’ve got this mondo masterpiece of a deer gun for heavy brush contexts that is unstoppable.

Can I hunt with a Mossberg 500?

Any mossberg 500 will take any and all parts designed for it. That being said, if you’re going to be bird hunting or shooting clays then do not use a pistol grip. They are not ideal for hunting or sporting and are only marginally better for tactical applications and even that is subjective.

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What is the Mossberg 500 good for?

The Mossberg 500 allows a newcomer to own a basic but reliable shotgun without spending a lot of money. The shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms. There is a shot load for almost every situation, and a shotgun and shell load can be easily adapted to accommodate small to large shooters.

Can you use a Mossberg 500 for turkey hunting?

Mossberg 500 Turkey Shotgun

At 7.25 lbs., it’s light enough for turkey hunting but still heavy enough to reduce that recoil. Bonus: it’s available for you lefties and righties!

Which is better Mossberg 500 or Remington 870?

The Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 are both very accurate pump-action shotguns. Mossberg 500 has a 6rd magazine tube. Remington 870 also has a 4rd magazine tube. … The Remington 870 has a lighter factory trigger pull than the Mossberg 500 but there are replacements for that.

What is better for deer hunting 12 or 20 gauge?

A look at the gun rack in the average deer camp shows that 12-gauge slugs dominate the hunting community, but in many ways 20-gauge slugs are a better choice. … The smaller diameter of the 20-gauge slug makes up for the lighter powder charge, so that 20s and 12s end up delivering similar performance on game.

Can I hunt with a Mossberg 88?

Yes, you can. My Maverick 88 started out as a general purpose woods-n-water gun, 28″ mod choke barrel. it is now my HomeLand Security shotgun, 18-1/2″ cylinder-bore barrel. be sure to ‘plug’ the magazine when used as a hunting shotgun.

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Is Mossberg 500 a good turkey gun?

Mossberg 500

This is another solid budget shotgun for just about any hunter. … The one I’ve linked here is the Mossberg 500 Bantam which is covered in either Mossy Oak Break-Up Country or Obsession camo to help keep you hidden from the prying eyes of longbeards.

What size shell does a Mossberg 500 take?

The basic Model 500 comes with a magazine tube capable of holding five 2.75-inch (70 mm) shells, which is called a six-shot model (a full magazine plus a round in the chamber). The 500 is also available with an extended magazine tube that holds seven rounds, making an eight-shot model.

In short: The Mossberg 500 is one of the best pump-action shotguns on the market today. There’s a reason these have been around for so long: they’re affordable, reliable, tough, and functional. Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator.

Why are Mossberg shotguns so cheap?

They have a well engineered product. Funded by government contracts during the Vietnam era, they were able to develop the 500 into the gun it is today. Reliable and cheap to produce. Other designs were similar, or at least they used the same design philosophies.

Which Mossberg for home defense?

Enter the Mossberg Maverick 88 Shotgun: essentially the same gun, but at an affordable price. The Mossberg 500 is famous for its usefulness in home defense, and the Maverick 88 brings that same usefulness to the table in an affordable way.

What is the best turkey choke for a Mossberg 500?

The best turkey choke for the mossberg 500 is the Carlson’s Long Beard XR. The Carlson’s Long Beard XR is the choke I’ve had the most success with out of the Mossberg 500 and it’s my go to choke paired with Winchester XR ammo. I’ve bagged my largest tom with the Long Beard XR and can achieve 80%+ patterns at 40 yards.

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Is a Mossberg 500 good for duck hunting?

Be willing to go to places other hunters aren’t. … Set yourself up for the best duck hunting season ever, try the Mossberg 500 Waterfowl Shotgun on your next duck hunt with the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades finish and barrel to blend right into your environment. Joe Genzel has been a writer and editor for over 15 years.

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