Is snow goose hunting good in the snow?

There were plenty of snow geese in the area, but none near enough for us to fire a shot. … One hunter was able to fire a shot at the closest snow and watched as it fell. Snow geese are hard to hunt because they are very wary, working fields at altitudes high from gun range.

What is the best weather for snow goose hunting?

Nothing beats a nice sunny day with south winds blowing 10 – 20 mph. Wind is very important when it comes to hunting snow geese because without wind the decoys won’t be moving and if you have ever watched a flock of snow geese on the ground they are always moving.

Is goose hunting good in the snow?

There’s nothing like waterfowl hunting in the snow. Ducks and geese just seem to respond better to decoys and calling in wintry conditions, and a marsh is never more beautiful than when it’s covered in a mantle of white. But the onset of real winter weather is often bittersweet for waterfowl hunters.

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Will geese fly in the snow?

Drop the temperature, though, and geese know the cold is a deadlier enemy than any predator. … If it’s clear and cold, they will feed once, sometime after noon. If it’s storming and snowing, they’ll fly all day. Winter also sends geese to town.

How do you goose hunt in the snow?

10 Tips for a Successful Snow Goose Hunt

  1. Know Your Area. Are you going to be hunting the feed or are you running traffic? …
  2. Get Hid. The most conventional way to hide from snows is in layout blinds. …
  3. Decoys. …
  4. Motion. …
  5. Shooting. …
  6. Don’t Be Greedy. …
  7. E Caller. …
  8. Guns/Loads.


How many snow goose decoys do you need?

Decoys: Set a minimum of 500 decoys, but I would say 1000-2000 decoys is the most effective. Snow geese are all about visibility and numbers. They want to be where all the other snow geese are.

How does rain affect goose hunting?

drizzle to light rain geese will for the most part stay to regular pattern…. heavy rain before day light and continuing thru the morning the geese will most likely stay on the roost until the rain lightens up or stops…. very good for an afternoon hunt if it just rains in the morning…..

What do geese do in snow?

At winter’s end, snow geese fly north to their breeding grounds on the Arctic tundra. During inclement weather, like a snow storm, most birds will huddle in the crevice of a tree branch, trying to find shelter from the cold and wet. Some species will hang tight to the trunk of a tree.

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Do geese land in snow covered fields?

But as winter arrives, many dark geese resist the urge to migrate and hang in the North, content to roost on the few remaining patches of open water and carbo-load on waste grain — even fields covered in snow. … At its core, chasing Canadas in snow-covered environments is pretty similar to early- and mid-autumn hunting.

Do geese fly after a storm?

Typically the best hunting for geese is during a storm. Unless it’s really nasty then they are likely to bunker down and ride it out. If they do that you definately want to be in the field the following day. Another thing about snow.

Where do geese hide when it snows?

Shelter in Place

When bad weather hits, birds generally seek shelter in microhabitats, such as inside a thick hedge, or on the downwind side of a tree—in this case, being petite has its advantages. Hunkering down in these spots can protect them from wind, rain, and even cold (it’s warmer closer to the ground).

Do Canada geese fly in the snow?

Canada Geese migrate south in winter and north in summer, but their travels may take a few detours along the way. … Individuals may move several to hundreds of miles during the late spring and summer to large bodies of water where they will be safer as they molt their wing feathers.

Do snow geese live in California?

More than a million snow geese return to California’s wetlands every winter. It’s a migration dating back millennia. Their arrival sends bird enthusiasts and conservationists flocking to the Sacramento Valley to catch the noisy spectacle.

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What is the best shot size for snow geese?

The best shot size for snow geese is BBB steel shot. Why? Because a good patterning load of BBB steel shot contains enough pattern density and energy to consistently harvest snow geese at up to 50 yards or more.

How do you kill snow geese?

5 Tactics for a Better Snow Goose Hunt

  1. Act Juvenile. “Finding the right birds is the most important thing,” Garber says. …
  2. Seek Sun. Good decoys pop in the sun, yet those harsh rays also help conceal small imperfections on the ground, Garber says. …
  3. Wait for Wind. …
  4. Get in Shape. …
  5. Blare it Out.


Can you eat snow geese?

Despite what people say, snow goose is edible and tasty—if you cook it correctly. Big adult birds can be upwards of 15 to 20 years old, and they are challenging to deal with. Juvenile birds, however, are downright delicious.

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