Is Shed hunting legal in WV?

One problem though, shed hunting in West Virginia is illegal. Few in West Virginia probably realized the practice was against the law unless you’re extremely familiar with the West Virginia State Code. “Those are considered to be parts of wildlife,” said Deputy Division of Natural Resources Director Emily Fleming.

What states is shed hunting illegal?

Table of Contents:

  • In most states, shed hunting is entirely legal.
  • In national parks, it is always illegal.
  • Why is shed hunting illegal in some states?
  • Wyoming.
  • Colorado.
  • South Dakota.
  • New Mexico.
  • Montana.


Can you sell deer antlers in WV?

Section 20-2-4 (a) of the State Code now says it’s legal to collect and sell “deer antlers that are naturally shed and collected by a person from his or her own land, from public lands unless prohibited by law, or from private lands with the written permission of the landowner in hand.”

Can you shed hunt in Virginia?

Most deer in Virginia cast off their antlers sometime between January and March, though February and March are the prime months for “shedding.” But don’t wait too long because there are others searching for those antlers as well! … Start your search early if you want pristine antlers!

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Can you keep found deer antlers?

Fish and Game Code, section 3039 generally prohibits selling or purchasing any part of a bird or mammal found in the wild in California. Complete antlers, whole heads with antlers, antlers mounted for display or antlers in the velvet may not be sold or purchased at any time.

Where should I look when shed hunting?

South-Facing Hillsides

Whether covered in grass or mixed shrubs and tree cover, the south side of ridges can create dynamite winter bedding areas for bucks. Knowing deer spend so much time snoozing winter away in these spots makes them prime for shed hunting.

How much are antler sheds worth?

I own Great Basin Antler Buyers and have been selling shed antlers for eight years. Each year I buy roughly 100,000 pounds worth of antlers and personally talk to hundreds of shed hunters across the West.

Selling price for matched mule deer shed antlers
170″ $50
180″ $200
200″ $400
210″ $450 plus

Is it illegal to sell deer meat in WV?

There is no law prohibiting the sale of wild game meat (venison, etc.). … The inspection and processing requirements will not be met and the meat cannot be sold. Meat from “game animals” as defined by state wildlife agencies that are harvested within that state cannot be sold.

Can you sell deer meat in West Virginia?

— Saturday is the first day West Virginians can buy deer meat right from the shelves in West Virginia stores. … The first place to sell venison in the state is the Wild Ramp in Huntington.

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Can you sell taxidermy in West Virginia?

a. Any Virginia resident can sell a wildlife or fish mount that was legally taken and have undergone the taxidermy process legally.

Is it illegal to sell deer antlers in VA?

It is illegal to sell antlers in Virginia, including sheds.

It’s Illegal in Some States

There are a few states – Virginia and Kentucky are two of them – that have outlawed antler traps.

What is shed hunting?

Shed hunting is the search for antlers that have been shed by cervids, or members of the deer family, such as deer, elk and moose. Some shed hunters search for sheds with the intention of selling them, while others use sheds to help plan hunts for the following year.

What does it mean if you find a deer antler?

The deer’s antlers are one of the characteristics that have made it the figure of a spiritual superiority, according to some. … In many cultures, the deer is a symbol of spiritual authority. During a deer’s life the antlers fall off and grow again and the animal is also a symbol of regeneration.

Is finding a deer antler good luck?

If a hunter did behave in accordance with those rules, the white-tailed deer would reveal itself to the hunter to be shot. The hunter could then use the antlers as an amulet. The use of these antlers as a good luck charm was so pervasive that it was even copied by many European settlers in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Why do deer lose their antlers?

The amount of testosterone peaks in mid fall and begins to decline following the rut, as day length increases into late winter. The decline of testosterone triggers hormones to reabsorb calcium in the bone around the pedicle. This enables the antlers to be shed after some weeks of this testosterone decline.

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