Is Oklahoma a good deer hunting state?

Oklahoma is generally considered one of the top deer hunting states in the country. The bad news is, finding a place to hunt can be a real challenge. For public hunting opportunities, check out the Osage Wildlife Management Area.

Where is the best deer hunting in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, Osage county holds the record for most bucks harvested during the archery season with 681 bucks during the 2019-20 season. Hulah WMA is often overlooked as hunters focus on leasing private land in Osage county. Three Rivers and Honobia Creek WMAs are a popular spot for gun hunters.

How good is deer hunting in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is home to some of the best whitetail hunting in the nation. Our harvest numbers continue to climb and more big whitetail bucks are being harvested every year. Sooner state whitetail bucks continue to catch the attention of the nation with some truly huge whitetails being harvested over the past few years.

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What county in Oklahoma has the biggest bucks?

Osage County, among the state’s largest, tops the list again for 2016-17, with 4,327 deer checked. Pittsburg County came in a distant second with 3,383 deer checked. Cherokee County rounded out the top three with 2,533 deer taken. Cimarron and Texas counties had the lowest harvest with 100 and 160 deer, respectively.

Are there big deer in Oklahoma?

According to officials with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Guner Womack might possibly have the largest archery typical whitetail deer in Oklahoma on record. Officials say the deer was unofficially “green scored” Wednesday night at 192 6/8.

How many bucks can you kill during rifle season in Oklahoma?

Deer Gun harvest limit has been increased from three deer to four, of those only one may be antlered. This is an effort to increase the harvest of does by the Wildlife Department. The deer herd is healthy, maybe too healthy in Oklahoma, and hunters are encouraged to help reduce that population by harvesting more does.

How many bucks can I kill in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, hunters are limited to hunting only two white tail bucks limits season and four total white tail does each season. This is the absolute limit that has been put into place for hunters of all types and kinds.

How late can you deer hunt in Oklahoma?

Archery season runs from October 1 to January 15. Muzzleloading opportunities occur from October 24 to November 1. Rifle hunters can hit the field from November 21 to December 6. Youth season is October 16 to 18.

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How much is an out of state deer hunting license in Oklahoma?

Price of Non-resident Hunting License in Oklahoma

Non-resident hunting fiscal year – 176$ (Validity covers all hunting seasons within one fiscal years (July-Jun), allowed only for small games.

The use of or hunting over bait, or “baiting,” is prohibited on lands owned or managed by the Wildlife Department. Definition: Baiting is defined as the placing, depositing, exposing, distributing or scattering of shelled, shucked or unshucked corn, wheat or other grain or feed.

Where are the biggest bucks in Oklahoma?

An official scoring panel measured Guner Womack’s 8×8 Pawnee County buck at 188 5/8ths inches during the Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo in Oklahoma City Saturday.

How many deer can you kill in Oklahoma 2019?

A deer hunter’s overall bag limit of six (no more than two antlered) remains this year. However, the number of antlerless deer that can be taken during the muzzleloader and gun seasons increased from the previous year in all parts of the state except in the Panhandle and southeast Oklahoma.

How many deer have been killed in Oklahoma 2019?

Oklahoma data: A rough estimate of 600,000 to 700,000 in 2019, or about about 650,000. Another estimate of 600,000 to 700,000 in 2020, but reports indicate some increase for the year. More hunters were in the woods in 2020 because of COVID, increasing the deer kill.

What is the biggest deer shot in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is unofficially calling Womack’s deer Oklahoma’s largest archery typical whitetail on record! According to their Facebook page, it was unofficially “green scored” last night at 192 6/8.

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Are there elk in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, the largest free-ranging elk herds can be found on the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, as well as at Pushmataha, Cookson Hills, Spavinaw and Cherokee wildlife management areas. Small herds also inhabit private land in Kiowa, Comanche and Caddo counties.

How long is bow season in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma provides several options for hunting space. The Department of Wildlife Conservation manages and operates more than 1.6 million acres of public use land.

Oklahoma Deer Seasons.

Archery Oct. 1-Jan. 15
Muzzleloader Oct. 24-Nov. 1
Firearms Nov. 21-Dec. 6
Holiday Antlerless Dec. 18-31
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