Is it legal to own a coyote in Idaho?

Idaho law considers the animals pests, which means there’s no tag required to hunt them, no coyote “season” and no limit on how many a hunter can take. And because they’re indigenous to the state, there’s no law expressly forbidding ownership of one.

What animals are illegal to own in Idaho?

These Pets Have Been Banned in Idaho

  • deer.
  • wolves.
  • cheetahs.
  • jaguars.
  • lions.
  • tigers.
  • sheep.
  • European Hedgehog’s (although American Hedgehog’s are o.k.)



  • Birds: mute swans (not pinioned)
  • Canines: all non-native.
  • Cervids: red and sika deer.
  • Felines: caracal, cheetah, Geoffroy’s cat, jaguar, leopard (all), lion, margay, ocelot, serval, tiger.
  • Insectivores: European hedgehog.
  • Marsupials: brush-tailed possum.
  • Nonhuman primates.
  • Sheep: Barbary and mouflon.


Do you need a tag for coyotes in Idaho?

Answer: Yes, you are required to have valid Idaho hunting license to hunt coyotes. You can use a 3-day small game hunting license or a a nongame hunting license, each cost $35.50.

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Can I shoot a coyote on my property in Idaho?

Yes. Coyotes are classified as predators in Idaho law, and there is no restriction on killing them. You do need a valid Idaho hunting license.

Can you own a sloth in Idaho?

Sloths can be owned with no regulations in Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma and Utah. A permit to own sloths is required in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Can I own a wolf in Idaho?

It is legal to have a wolf in Idaho, but one must secure a permit from the Idaho Fish and Game regional offices: “The permit is to allow personnel to identify domestic wolves from wild wolves, if they show all primary wolf characteristics and no domestic dog characteristics. . .

Can I own a raccoon in Idaho?

Answer: No; there are disease concerns with raccoons (rabies) so individuals cannot own a raccoon, fox, or skunk as a pet. Idaho Code Section 25-236 prohibits individuals from possessing raccoon/fox/skunk, and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture enforces this law.

Can you own a lion in Idaho?

Absolutely Not: You CANNOT own a fox, raccoon or a skunk in the state of Idaho. … However, if you get a permit and permission you CAN own: a lion, tiger, leopard and a frieking cheetah but that’s definitely a no go on the raccoon.

Can you own a mountain lion in Idaho?

There are no licenses or permits required for ownership of exotic animals. Bobcats and mountain lions are not allowed to be imported into the state, transported within the state (except for licensed game breeders), and future possession permits to keep these species will not be issued.

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Is there a bounty on coyotes in Idaho?

Answer: Idaho Fish and Game doesn’t pay a bounty on coyotes and our Region offices are unaware of any other department that does.

Can you shoot coyotes at night in Idaho?

A Permit to Hunt with Artificial Light is required to hunt predators (only Coyote, Jackrabbit and Skunk) and unprotected animals (animals not classified as game or protected animals). … Landowners can authorize hunting at night with a spotlight on their privately owned property y by issuing written permission.

Can you hunt coyotes in Idaho without a license?

In Idaho, there is no coyote season. They can be hunted year around, but one must have a hunting license. Nonresidents can hunt coyotes with an Idaho three-day small game license that costs $35.50. Spot lighting for coyotes is an issue that can be taken up with Idaho Fish and Game and requires permission.

What is needed to hunt coyotes in Idaho?

Yes, you are required to have valid Idaho hunting license to hunt coyotes. You can use a 3-day small game hunting license or a nongame hunting license, each cost $35.50. Is there a specific season for coyotes? Some animals are classified as “predators” or as “unprotected” and can be hunted and taken all year.

Do you need a hunting license to shoot varmints in Idaho?

Yes you need to have a current hunting license to hunt rabbits in Idaho.

Hunting at night with spotlights for such animals as raccoons is legal in Idaho, as long as the individual has a hunting license and is not shooting from a vehicle, or has the spotlight physically attached to the vehicle.

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