Is it legal to kill a piebald deer in Tennessee?

TWRA said it’s not illegal to kill a piebald deer, but you can’t hunt from a motor vehicle or public road. The judge also assessed a $100 fine plus court cost, a $500 restitution to TWRA for the piebald deer, loss of hunting/trapping privileges for three years, forfeiture of his Marlin .

Are piebald deer protected?

Some states protect albino deer from harvest such as Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Even piebald deer with more than 50% white hair are protected in Iowa and the same for Montana with more than 75%.

Albino Deer: As provided in Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA 70-4-130): An albino deer is a deer that lacks, or has significant deficiency, of pigment in the skin and hair and has pink eyes. It is illegal to hunt, trap, or possess an albino deer.

Is it bad luck to kill a piebald deer?

A piebald deer exhibits additional areas of white in its hide than the average deer and is a relatively rare individual, although such animals are regularly reported across the very wide range of the species. The lore about the bad luck brought on by killing a piebald has no basis in fact.

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What states is it illegal to kill albino deer?

Some biologists claim only 1 in 100,000 deer is born albino. They are illegal to kill in several states, including Illinois; Iowa; portions of Montana; Tennessee; and Wisconsin, except in areas where chronic wasting disease is a problem.

Should you kill piebald deer?

It seems most hunters recognize that there is no biological reason for protecting white and piebald deer. In fact, protecting these deer can directly lead to more fawns being born with serious, even crippling, health issues down the road.

Are piebald deer worth money?

It’s fair to say that the deer could easily be sold for $13,000, but to public knowledge, the buck is still owned by the hunter. Piebald deer are rare and amazing looking with the rare pigmentations. … It’s said that less than 1% of all wild deer are piebald deer, creating a true trophy and an breathtaking animal.

– Male or female deer with at least one (1) antler that is a minimum of three (3) inches in length. – The statewide bag limit is two (2) antlered deer (one per day, not to exceed 2 for the license year).

Can you hunt deer at night in Tennessee?

Legal Hunting Hours

All big game and small game species (except bullfrogs, raccoons, opossums, migratory birds, and the chasing of foxes and rabbits) daylight hours only (30 minutes before official sunrise and until 30 minutes after official sunset) except turkey open only until official sunset.

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Can you shoot a doe in Tennessee?

When checking a deer online use Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge as the location. Scouting during quota hunts, primitive weapons, refuge and statewide youth hunt is prohibited. … Deer taken are bonus deer. Hunters are NOT required to shoot a doe first before shooting a buck.

What are the odds of seeing a piebald deer?

I’ve seen reports that less than 2 percent of deer are piebalds, which is rare but still more common than completely albino whitetails. Piebaldism is a recessive trait; it is believed that both parents must carry the recessive gene for there to be a chance that they will produce piebald fawns.

How much is a white deer worth?

Depending on who you want to believe, one deer has a dollar value somewhere between $1,250 and $2,500.

What’s a half white deer called?

Leucistic animals lack pigment over all or part of their bodies Leucistic deer can be varying levels of white – some contain white splotches, some are half brown and half white, some appear nearly all white. Mixed brown and white animals are often known as piebald deer.

Is it bad luck to shoot a white deer?

In some circles it is bad luck to shoot a piebald or albino deer; and the unfortunate hunter is cursed to go a long time without killing another trophy. The white buffalo is considered sacred among some Native Americans.

What makes a deer white?

White deer can result from two primary genetic mutations, leucism and albinism. Leucism is a general term for the phenotype resulting from defects in pigment cell differentiation stemming from excessive inbreeding.

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Are albino animals protected?

The novelty of albino animals has occasionally led to their protection by groups such as the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society. They have also been protected in studies on their ecology and behaviour.

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