Is deer hunting good in Nevada?

Nevada has gained a reputation in recent years for producing some excellent trophy mule deer. The Silver State’s geography ranges from alpine conifers in the north to Mojave desert lowlands in the south, and makes for a variety of hunting conditions and habitats.

Does Nevada have good hunting?

There are a lot of different types of game to go after in Northern Nevada. And the best part about hunting in Nevada is the amount of public land. You can roam Nevada desert and hills for miles without coming upon private land or even maintained roads. It’s still very much the wild West.

Where is the best hunting in Nevada?

  • South Fork State Recreation Area. Size: ca. 4,000 acres. …
  • Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Size: 24,000 acres. Description: …
  • Black Rock Desert Wilderness. Size: 314,829 acres. Description: …
  • Desert National Wildlife Refuge. Size: 1.5 million acres. Description: …
  • Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Size: 6,3 million acres.
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What do you hunt in Nevada?

Hunt Nevada

Nevada’s big game species include mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, three sub-species of bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat and black bear. Our big game hunts are conducted by a random draw process and are available to those 12 years old or older.

Does Nevada have over the counter deer tags?

A second drawing is conducted for remaining tags in early July, and any remaining tags after that draw can be applied for on a first-come, first-served basis. Mountain lion tags are available year-round over the counter at any authorized license agent or can be purchased online during the draw application period.

Can you hunt on your own land in Nevada?

It is legal to hunt on private lands, but hunters must have the permission of the landowner to come onto the premises and to hunt. 2. Hunters must have a valid license (and any applicable tags) to hunt on private land – m just like what is necessary for hunting on public lands.

Can you hunt rattlesnakes in Nevada?

Nevada. Nevada is home to no less than five species of rattlesnake, so it’s worth it to watch where you step! Rattlesnakes are not protected, but the Rosy Boa and the Sonoran Mountain King Snake are. All other snake species are classified as unprotected.

What can you hunt year round in Nevada?

Hunting in Nevada: 3 Animals to Hunt Year-round

  • Black-tailed Jackrabbit. The black-tailed jackrabbit lives in extreme environments, including the deserts of Nevada. …
  • Snakes. Hunting in Nevada can include several snakes, many of which are found in the deserts. …
  • Coyotes.
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Coyotes are an unprotected species in Nevada. They can be hunted by both resident and non-residents in the state without a hunting license. However, if you are selling the fur, or trapping coyote, you will need a trapping license.

Where is the best elk hunting in Nevada?

The Best Elk Hunting Is In Lincoln County, Nevada

  • Lincoln County is a county located in the state of Nevada, south of White Pine County and north of Clark County. …
  • Are you planning to travel Nevada and really experience some wide-open spaces?


How much is a deer tag in Nevada?

Resident Tag/ Permit Fees

Mule Deer Tag $30.00
Antelope Tag $60.00
Bighorn Sheep Tag $120.00
Elk Tag $120.00
Elk Incentive Tag $120.00

Can you shoot crows in Nevada?

Game Animal Status:

Many animals in Nevada are designated game animals. These animals can only be hunted during their specific hunting season. You must have a valid hunting license. These include cottontail rabbits, white‐tailed jackrabbits, deer and big game species, quail, crows, ducks, geese and other waterfowl.

Where are elk in Nevada?

Comments: A herd of rocky mountain elk was introduced into the Cold Creek area in the Spring Mountains in the early 1900s where a small herd is managed by the Nevada Division of Wildlife for hunting. In recent years, the herd has spread southward, at least as far south as Mt. Potosi.

What type of deer live in Nevada?

Mule deer are found throughout Nevada in many types of habitats, including neighborhoods and backyards. The mule deer gets its name from the size of its mule-like ears. Mule deer are very popular game animals in Nevada.

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Can you fish at night in Nevada?

Regulations – Limit is 5 trout and is open year round, any hour of the day or night. The use of bait fish, whether dead or alive or the parts thereof, other than preserved salmon eggs, is prohibited.

How do I get a deer tag in Nevada?

You can apply for a mule deer tag on during Nevada’s big game application period in March. Please view the Hunt Application Process and Deadlines page for details about application deadlines and rules, and for requests for application materials.

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