Is a arctic fox a producer or a consumer?

Producer: Primary Consumer: Secondary Consumer:
Tundra Flowering Plant Pika Arctic Fox
N/A Herbivore Omnivore & Carnivore

Is Arctic wolf a producer consumer or decomposer?

The Arctic wolf is a carnivore and is known as a tertiary consumer. This means that they exist in the top level in a food chain. An example of an animal that is beneath the Arctic wolf on the food chain would be the caribou, which is one of its most hunted food sources.

Is a fox a top consumer?

The red fox is a secondary consumer. Food webs are broken up into layers called trophic levels. At the bottom of any food web are producers, which…

What producer does an arctic fox eat?

The Arctic fox preys on many small creatures such as lemmings, voles, ringed seal pups, fish, waterfowl, and seabirds. It also eats carrion, berries, seaweed, and insects and other small invertebrates.

What animal eats an arctic wolf?

Arctic Wolf Predators and Threats

Polar bears are the only animal predators of Arctic wolves.

What type of consumer is a wolf?

Wolves are categorized as either secondary or tertiary consumers. However, in many food chains, wolves are apex predators.

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Is Fox a first level consumer?

Beside above, is a Fox a first level consumer? Rabbits eat plants at the first trophic level, so they are primary consumers. Foxes eat rabbits at the second trophic level, so they are secondary consumers. … The organisms that eat the primary consumers are meat eaters (carnivores) and are called the secondary consumers.

Can a fox be a tertiary consumer?

Tertiary Consumers – snake, owl, fox. There is some overlap, animals can be both depending on what they are eating at the time.

What animals eat foxes?

Foxes are eaten by animals above them in the food chain. Such animals include but are not limited to mountain lions, eagles, coyotes, wolves, lynxes, and bears, among others.

What do arctic foxes eat list?


What is the food chain for Arctic?

In the Arctic, there are several food chains that criss-cross to make a food web, starting with the sun, then producers like phytoplankton in the sea and grasses and lichens on land. Some of the consumers in the food webs are krill, fish, birds, reindeer, and seals.

What do arctic foxes love to eat?


When it’s not trying to keep warm or avoid predators, an arctic fox is on the hunt for food. They prefer to eat small rodents called lemmings, but when times are tough they’ll eat whatever they can find: insects, berries, and even the droppings of other animals.

What are Arctic wolves afraid of?

Arctic wolves are meat eaters through and through. Their most common prey targets are caribou, arctic hares, lemmings and musk ox. They’re not afraid to go after creatures that are markedly bigger than them, notably caribou.

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Do arctic wolves eat polar bears?

A Manitoba Conservation official has found evidence that wolves near Hudson Bay have learned to hunt polar bear cubs. … “This is the first strong indirect evidence I’ve ever seen of wolves preying on a polar bear cub. They probably killed the cub and dragged it away.

Can Arctic wolves eat humans?

Generally, wolf attacks on human beings are extremely rare. The volume of wolf attacks that occurred against humans was mostly prior to the 19th century with most of them occurring during the Middle Ages and earlier.

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