Is 44 mag a good deer rifle?

44 Mag., most notably the Ruger Model 44 carbine, a sweet-handling, compact and potent woods rifle, perfect for whitetail deer and black bear where shots are close.

What is the effective range of a 44 Magnum rifle?

44 Magnum bullet can reach speeds of up to 1,380 feet per second, generating kinetic energy at themuzzle of 1,015 foot-pounds of force. That’s plenty of power, enough to take down up to deer-size game at distances of up to 50 yards.

How far can you shoot a deer with a 44 mag?

Seriously, with good bullets a . 44 mag can take deer out to 80 or 100 yards. However, most people can’t shoot well enough at 100 yards with a revolver to consistently take deer, especially with open sights.

Is 44 magnum good for deer hunting?

Yes, the 44 magnum in a rifle/carbine platform is an excellent choice for deer in brushy areas out to 100 yards. The extra barrel length of a rifle/carbine can add up to 500 FPS over a short-barreled handgun. Within range the 44 magnum with its inherently wide diameter bullet will hit a deer with authority.

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What can a 44 Magnum rifle kill?

44 Magnums are generally a revolver caliber ) enough to kill an enraged bear or a surprise attack.

What distance should I zero my 44 mag?

44 Flattop

Perfect. You may be 2″ or 3″ high at around 65 yards but that is no problem. From the end of the gun barrel to a little over 100 yards you won’t have to think about it. You’ll be ‘around’ 4″ low at around 100-110 yards.

Why is 44 mag ammo so expensive?

The cost to manufacture. More brass, more propellant, more lead, less common and less demand, all mean the round will be more expensive which is generally the circumstances for . 44 magnum. Now, some people will tell you that simply because it is a bigger bullet/round it will be more expensive.

How much does a 44 mag drop at 100 yards?

The Magnum load is given at 1750 ft / sec, giving 1 inch drop at 50 yds and 3 inches at 100 yds. Of course the easiest way is to shoot and measure.

What is a 44 Magnum rifle good for?

These 44 Magnum rifles are perfect brush and hunting guns.

Developed in the 1950s and made famous by the giant magnum revolvers in the “Dirty Harry” movies, this round delivers muzzle velocities between 1,100 and 1,600 feet per second with heavy bullets that are ideal for deer hunting or bear self-defense.

What is the best 44 Magnum bullet for deer hunting?

Best . 44 Magnum Ammo

  1. Black Hills 240gr. I have hunted many a whitetail with the . 44 Magnum and put down many a feral hog as well. …
  2. Hornady Leverevolution 225gr. If you plan on hunting with . 44 mag in a lever-action rifle, this is the best of the best.
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How accurate is a 44 magnum rifle?

44 magnum is just fine out to 100 yards as a deer cartridge. Where I live I cannot hunt with a cartridge rifle [shotgun or muzzleloader only], but my neighbor, an older fellow who is just about 80, absolutely loves his vintage Ruger semi-automatic rifle in .

Can a 44 Magnum rifle kill a bear?

44 Magnum will be fine. Oldtime black bear hunters say that any load that throws at least a 200-grain or bigger solid bullet at 1000 fps or more will take any bear in the woods. … 357 Magnum or other similar-caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a bear, but it’s not recommended.

How far will a 357 mag kill a deer?

The . 357 magnum IS effective at 100 yards for deer.

Which is better 44 mag or 45 Colt?

If you are comparing the 44 Magnum to the 45 ACP(Automatic Colt Pistol), the 44 Magnum has more power than the 45 ACP. On the other hand, the 44 Magnum has much more recoil, makes more noise and has a large muzzle blast.

How much damage can a 44 magnum do?

.44 Magnum
Block Damage 12 14 6
Power Attack Block Damage
Effective Range 25

Can a 22 magnum kill a bear?

a . 22 magnum will take down anything. Polar bear, Walrus, even a bowhead whale if you hit it in the eye.!!

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