Is 40 SW good for hunting?

The 40 S&W is a good cartridge. Some people claim it’s too snappy but I like it. The standard 180 grain bullet is quite a bit heavier than 9mm projectiles while gaining a bit of capacity over a 45.

Can you hunt with a 40 S&W?

Although I’ve shot hogs using bolt pistols from hundreds of yards away, the average handgun only has a barrel between four and six inches long. … 40 S&W has proven itself as a fantastically accurate dual-purpose competition and hunting handgun.

Can you kill a deer with a 40 caliber?

The . 40 will work OK from 35 yards and closer on deer – no further. It will work, but like you said – I would keep it closer than 40 yards.

Will a 40 cal kill a wild boar?

A . 40 cal can certainly kill a hog, but most of the time it’s probably not going to put it down quickly with 1 shot.

Is a 40 S&W good?

The . 40 S&W is a perfectly viable self-defense round. … But, if you shoot a lot and want to shoot better for less money, or if you’re considering using a handgun for personal or home defense, pick up a 9mm handgun and get shooting. You’ll save time and money, without compromising defensive performance.

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Can you hunt deer with a 40 S&W in Ohio?

No, the . 40 S&W was not designed nor imagined as a deer cartridge. The cartridges that are approved are as follows . 357 Magnum .

Can you hunt with 45 ACP in Indiana?

Full metal-jacketed bullets are not permitted. A handgun may not be concealed. Handguns are not permitted on any military areas. Some types of handgun cartridges legal for deer hunting include 357 Magnum, 41 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 44 Special, 45 Colt, 45 Long Colt, 45 Winchester Magnum, 35 Remington and 357 Herrett.

Will a 45 kill a wild boar?

Sure. A revolver in 45 Colt is a fine choice for hog hunting. And a charge from a boar is so rare that there’s no reason to worry about a sure stopper in the way you do with dangerous game.

What is the best gun to kill a wild hog?

10 Best Guns for Hog Hunting

  • Remington 7600. Rem. 7600. …
  • H&H Double Rifle. H&H Royal Deluxe. …
  • Smith and Wesson .460VXR. S&W .480 XVR. …
  • Big Medicine. Winchester 1895. …
  • Blaser R8. Blaser R8. …
  • Nemo Omen Match 2.0. Nemo Omen Match 2. …
  • Savage 11 FCNS Hunter. Savage 11 FCNS. …
  • Marlin Guide Gun. Marlin Guide Gun.


Will a 9mm kill a wild hog?

Yes, the 9mm is a powerful enough round to kill a hog, especially if you consider the shooting distance and shot placement. It can be used as your secondary firearm for your hog hunt and sometimes even your primary one. Farmers and hunters also use it to quickly kill hogs too.

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The main reasons why the . 40 S&W is losing popularity have to do with improvements (mostly in bullet design) in its nearest competitor, the 9mm. Compared to the 9mm, the . 40 has slightly higher muzzle energy and uses a larger bullet (10mm versus 9mm).

Is a 40 S&W more powerful than a 45?

40 S&W exceeds standard-pressure . 45 ACP loadings, generating between 350-foot-pound (470 J) and 500-foot-pound (680 J) of energy, depending on bullet weight.

Is 9mm more powerful than 40?

40 caliber cartridge typically sports a heavier bullet with loads between from 135 to 180 grain, compared to between 115 and 147 grain for the 9mm. The heavier bullets of the . 40 caliber will be a little slower in velocity. … 40 also delivers more felt recoil and has a slightly higher recoil velocity.

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