How much is a non resident elk tag in New Mexico?

License Type Resident Nonresident
Standard Elk License (Residents 18–64 years of age and all nonresidents)
A (Antlerless) $60 Not Issued
MB (Mature Bull) $90 $548
ES (Either Sex) $90 $548

Can you buy over the counter elk tags in New Mexico?

California, Nevada and New Mexico do not offer any OTC Elk tags, so all elk tags in these states are limited entry only. Some of the OTC tags are not limited except in certain units, while other tags may be limited state-wide.

When can I get my elk tag in New Mexico?

The deadline to apply for deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, oryx, ibex and javelina hunts is March 17, 2021.

How do I get a New Mexico elk tag?

To apply for the outfitters pool, hunters must apply through a licensed New Mexico Outfitter. Hunters will provide a signed power of attorney, form below, to Sierra Blanca and we will handle the details from there. Contact us to apply for the draw today!

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How much does a cow elk tag cost in New Mexico?

Cow only tags for Resident: $70.00, Non Resident: $354.00.

What is the best unit to hunt elk in New Mexico?

South central New Mexico is home to some of the states best elk hunting with units 34 & 36 leading the way. The two units have been consistent producers of quality bulls (300+) with truly giant bulls (370+) being taken out of both units every year.

How much does it cost to hunt elk in New Mexico?

Table of Draw Fees

License Type Resident Nonresident
Standard Elk License (Residents 18–64 years of age and all nonresidents)
A (Antlerless) $60 Not Issued
MB (Mature Bull) $90 $548
ES (Either Sex) $90 $548

Where can I hunt elk in New Mexico?

These hunts are some of the best public land New Mexico hunting available. Ridgeline Outfitters hunts the famed Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico, The Lincoln National Forest in South Central New Mexico and The Cibola National Forest in Western New Mexico for trophy elk.

What is a habitat stamp in New Mexico?

The New Mexico Habitat Stamp Program is a collaborative partnership between sportspersons and federal land management agencies to enhance and conserve wildlife habitat on public lands in New Mexico. … Members of the CAC represent hunters, anglers, trappers, conservationists, and public land permittees.

How do you hunt oryx in New Mexico?

To hunt oryx in New Mexico, residents and nonresidents must first purchase a Game-hunting or Game-hunting and Fishing License before purchasing a Private Land-only Deer License or applying for a Deer Draw License.

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How much is a bear tag in New Mexico?

Over-the-Counter (OTC) License fees

License Type Resident* Nonresident
Bear License $47 $260
Cougar License $43 $290
Private-land Only Oryx License $153 $1,610
Private-land Only Barbary Sheep License $103 $360

Can you hunt on a national wildlife refuge?

Americans have the opportunity to hunt and fish on public lands managed by the Department of the Interior as part of the Department’s multiple-use policy. There are 75 areas managed by the National Park Service that permit hunting.

Can you hunt on your own land in New Mexico?

Private-land-only licenses can be applied for with special permission from a landowner. New Mexico law requires hunters to obtain private-land licenses 14 days in advance of the start of a hunt. This allows time for licenses and tags to be mailed to the customer’s address.

How much is a Colorado elk tag?

For Colorado residents, elk tags do not include a small game hunting or fishing license. The cost for small game license is $50.37 and the cost is $30.11 for Bull Elk (Antlered), Either Sex Elk tags or for cow/calf (Antlerless). The cost for Resident Youth tag is $1.26 for small game and $15.68 for elk tags.

Can you hunt elk in New Mexico?

New Mexico elk hunters can obtain a private-land hunt or public draw hunt permit, but not both in the same year. All licenses must be applied for in March of each year. Permits for public land hunting (called elk draw licenses) have varying season dates.

How much is an Arizona elk tag?

Resident elk: $148. Nonresident elk: $665. Resident youth only: $63.

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