How much does it cost to hunt Sitka blacktail deer?

A non-resident hunting license is $160, tags are $300 each and three may be purchased. Other costs are airfare to Kodiak, your lodging in Kodiak, tax and $8 for each wax box.

How much is a Sitka deer hunt?

Rate: $6,500 per person, based on two or more hunters (2-3×1) guided, 5-days/5-nights, and up to three deer per hunter.

Where can I hunt Sitka blacktail deer?

The smaller Sitka blacktail is native to the islands and coastal rainforests of Southeast Alaska and B.C. Although hunters are limited to four states and one province, tags are generally easy to come by. For adventurous, do-it-yourself hunters, Alaska is the top choice for blacktail deer hunting.

What eats Sitka Blacktail?

Deer thrive on a mixed diet. These browsers eat the leaves and stems of woody plants and shrubs, as well as forbs – perennial and annual green forest plants. Unlike grazers such as cattle, sheep and bison, they very rarely eat grass. They do graze on emerging sedges on beaches during a short window in the spring.

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How big do Sitka Blacktail Deer get?

Most Sitka blacktail average in the 90 to 120 pound range, but big deer on Prince of Wales and Kodiak are much larger, reaching weights between 175 and 200 pounds.

Does Japan have deer?

The sika deer (Cervus nippon), also known as the spotted deer or the Japanese deer, is a species of deer native to much of East Asia and introduced to other parts of the world.

How much is a Axis deer hunt?

Axis Deer Hunts

Axis Buck 1 2 days of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, 1 Axis buck up to 15″ (main beam length) $1800
Axis Buck 2 2 days of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, 1 Axis buck up to 22″ $2200
Axis Buck 3 2 days of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, 1 Axis buck up to 27″ $2700

How do I call Sitka Blacktail Deer?

As an aid in hunting the Sitka black-tail, many Alaskans make a simple deer call with a couple of pieces of wood, some tape and a rubber band. The sound emitted by this call whenever air is forced through it is a high-pitched sound between a squeak and a squeal–a sound similar to a “dying rabbit” predator call.

Are Blacktail Deer good eating?

In general, blacktail and whitetail seem better but mulies that have been feeding from grain, alfalfa, and corn fields early in the season are good. Late season mulies in the sage and bitter brush seem gamiest. How the meat is cared for rules the taste more than anything.

How much does a Sitka Blacktail deer weigh?

They are a small relative of the Mule Deer, and can be comparable to the Coues Deer in terms of size and trophy. The average weight of an adult black tail doe is around 80 lbs while the bucks can weigh anywhere from 120 to 200 lbs for a trophy Sitka black tail deer.

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What does a Sitka deer look like?

The sika deer varies in color from reddish-brown in the summer to dark brown or black in the winter. It has white spots on its back and a white rump. Males have narrow antlers and a dark, shaggy mane on the neck. Sika deer grow to about 2.5 feet tall at the rump.

What is the smallest breed of deer?

Pudu. Two closely related species of pudu, the northern and southern, are the smallest deer species on earth. They stand about 12 to 17 inches at the shoulder; at birth fawns are only about six inches high.

What are the deer called in Alaska?

Three deer species live at the Alaska Zoo: Moose, caribou (we have reindeer) and Sitka black-tailed deer.

What is the world record Coues deer?

We know this: when he walked up on the animal the hunter must have been in awe of his tremendous trophy, the largest Coues’ deer ever taken. The 11×15-point rack sports a 152-3/8 typical frame and an incredible 43-7/8 inches of non-typical growth.

What is the world record whitetail buck?

At the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the Boone and Crockett Club Judges’ Panel declared Hanson’s buck the new world’s record typical whitetail with a final score of 213-5/8 points.

How big is a Coues deer?

The Coues whitetail is an elfin deer, standing 32-34 inches at the shoulder and seldom exceeding 100 pounds live weight. Coues sport ears and tails appearing out of proportion to their small bodies, with hides generally lighter in hue than other deer species.

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