How many decoys do you need to hunt geese?

When hunting locally nesting early-season Canadas, geese are still in family groups or extended family groups. Therefore, assuming you’re at a destination field, it’s usually best to use two or three blobs of six to eight full-body decoys to reflect that situation.

How many goose decoys do you need?

I’ve done great with 12 decoys per hunter. It takes this many to conceal a hunter in a layout blind. Cochran echoes Bartz’s advice: “You’ve got to be in the center of the bullseye—right where the geese want to go—when you’re hunting with three dozen or fewer decoys.

Do you need decoys to hunt geese?

Hunt without Decoys

While most Canada geese are taken over decoy spreads, pass-shooting and jump-shooting are also effective hunting methods for these birds. Pass-shooters should scout to see where geese are entering and exiting a feeding field, then position themselves in cover beneath these flight lanes.

How far apart should goose decoys be?

By placing your decoys about 6-9 feet apart from each other so the geese should not feel crowded when they come to land in your spread.

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Is 5 dozen goose decoys enough?

I’d say start with 5-6 dozen. Then I would work up to 10 dozen as money permits. That should cover you for traffic and X situations especially if they are accompanied by any quantity of full bodies. The only two brands I would consider at the this point are Big Al’s and Real Geese.

Can you shoot geese on the ground?

It is perfectly legal to shoot geese on the water (including in Maryland), or for that matter shooting them on the ground also. In some peoples opinion it is not sporting or ethical.

Do geese fly in the rain?

They’ll fly, most likely more than on a sunny day, in anything from a light to moderate rain. A downpour will probably have them sticking to where they were before the rain came, but it could happen.

What is the best time to hunt geese?

As mentioned, the time-of-day equation for goose hunting is fairly simple. Take advantage of morning and evening feeding flights in fields. Pursue them at midmorning and midday over loafing waters or, if wet weather hits, at feeding areas.

Can you goose hunt without a call?

Re: Hunting geese without calling

Flag to draw & keep the birds attention, and as long as they are committing, you don’t need to do much calling.

Can you shoot geese with a 22?

Under federal law, you actually can’t hunt waterfowl with a rifle or a pistol, so a . 22 would be a no-go.

Should goose decoys face into the wind?

Hunters will often place their decoys facing one direction, which is O.K. if you want your spread to look unrealistic. Geese in a real flock will face one general direction, usually into the wind, but you will have those that are feeding or moving about that will be facing any direction.

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Do Geese feed into the wind?

Be aware that they might approach from any direction, regardless of the wind, but geese will most assuredly land into the wind. If you watch a bunch of feeding geese you’ll notice two things: There’s plenty of movement as birds flap their wings and walk about, and there’s very little honking, if any.

How many decoys do you need for a rice field?

Re: Huge spread in flooded rice? imo.. 6-12 decoys,a good caller and a good blind is all you really need.. no matter if you hunt a big lake or open field.

How many decoys is too many?

One hunter shouldn’t attempt to carry more than 18 standard, rigged decoys in a backpack. You might physically carry more than this, but too many decoys (plus shotgun, shells, etc.) lugged through marsh or muck can be a killer.

What are the best goose decoys?

If successful hunts are what you live for, check out the our top goose decoys of the year

  • Avian-X AXP/AXF Sleepers. …
  • DSD Giant. …
  • Dakota Lesser Canada Floaters. …
  • GHG One Piece Lesser. …
  • Bigfoot Sleeper Shells. …
  • Lucky Duck Super Goose Flapper. …
  • Tanglefree Canada Floater. …
  • Dive Bomb V2 Canada.


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