How far can you kill a deer with a 243?

Name of Product Weight Muzzle Velocity
Nosler Ballistic Tip Projetile 90 grain 3000 fps

What is the maximum effective range of a 243?

243 rivals a 6.5-284 ballistically out to 1000 yards. Shooting 80-100 grain hunting bullets, a . 243 will anchor a buck with authority.

Is a .243 good for deer hunting?

As far as deer hunting calibers go, the . 243 is light, small and perfect for beginning deer hunters. … Big-game hunters in the western states use this rifle round on mule deer and even bear. It also might be one of the most accurate of all rifle rounds at ranges under 200 yards.

Will a 243 kill a deer at 400 yards?

a lung shot at 400 yards with a . 243 will net about the same results as a lung shot with a . 44 at 50.

Will a 243 kill a deer at 500 yards?

243 is a great deer cartridge, but really isn’t a target cartridge. .22–250 is going to lose a lot of energy at 500 yards, and is a bit light for deer.

How much does a 243 drop at 100 yards?

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Range Drop (inches) Velocity
100 0.0047 2858
150 -0.8010 2742
200 -2.7632 2630

How much does a 243 drop at 400 yards?

243 Winchester ~ 70 Grain ~ Trajectory Chart

Range (Yards) Velocity (Ft/Sec) Bullet Path (inches)
200 2781.6
300 2478.2 -5.58
400 2187.8 -16.85
500 1908.6 -35.44

What is better a 243 or 270?

270 Win rounds are producing a much greater amount of recoil energy than the . 243 Win, on average. With a little over 8ft. lbs of recoil energy, you will definitely be able to tell a difference when shooting these two cartridges.

Average Recoil (

.243 Winchester .270 Winchester
11.25 19.56

Will a 243 kill an elk?

243 is legal for elk in the jurisdiction where you plan to hunt; no sense wasting bandwidth if it’s not. Finally, we will assume that our elk hunter’s . 243 is loaded with the toughest 85- to 100-grain bullets on the market rather than the weakly constructed 6mm bullets designed for varmints and predators.

Is a 308 or 30 06 More Powerful?

Both cartridges use the same . 308″ diameter bullets, and both have a case capacity large enough to push those bullets to sensible, useable velocities. … 30-06 pointed out the slight velocity advantage that the larger case offers, and how it handles the heavier bullets so much better.

What is the most accurate .243 rifle?

8 Great . 243 Winchester Rifles for Deer, Varmints and More

  • Winchester bolt action rifle Model 70. Winchester. Some hunters may argue you can start and end the list here with the Winchester Model 70. …
  • Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Vortex Combo. Mossberg. …
  • Browning X-Bolt Hunter. Browning. …
  • Ruger American Rifle. Ruger.
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What is the best grain bullet for a 243?

7 Top-Tier Hunting Bullets for the . 243 Win.

  • Lehigh Defense 60-grain Controlled Chaos. Created to fulfill a game agency’s need for a lead-free, . …
  • Hornady 75-grain V-Max. …
  • Sierra 85-grain HPBT GameKing. …
  • Hornady 95-grain SST. …
  • Berger 95-grain Classic Hunter. …
  • Speer 100-grain Grand Slam. …
  • Norma 100-grain Oryx.


What is the difference between 243 and 308?

243 Winchester has less recoil and a flatter trajectory at typical hunting ranges. On the other hand, the heavier and larger diameter . 308 Winchester bullets have more frontal surface area, more resistance to wind drift, and carry more energy down range.

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