How do you hunt turkey in Alabama?

How much does it cost to turkey hunt in Alabama?

$131.65 (3-day); $186.50 (10-Day); $301.85 (annual)

Where is the best turkey hunting in Alabama?

If you’re looking for the best in Eastern wild turkey hunting, you’ll find it here at Westervelt Lodge, Alabama. Our 12,000 contiguous acres of Tombigbee River bottom and mixed pine/hardwood stands are managed exclusively for wild turkey.

Can you hunt turkeys all day in Alabama?

Hunt any game animal or bird with a gun or bow and arrow except during daylight hours, with the exception of those species with legal night time seasons. (220-2-. 07) Shoot or hunt a turkey from an elevated tree stand with a firearm.

Can you shoot a jake turkey in Alabama?

Those jakes spotted in the spring of 2017 will be the two-year-old gobblers people will be hunting this year.” For most of Alabama, turkey season runs from March 15 through April 30. In Zone 2, the season begins on March 31 and concludes on April 30. In Zone 3, sportsmen can only hunt from April 21 to April 25.

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How many turkey can you kill in Alabama?

Hunters will only be able to kill one gobbler per day, with a limit of five gobblers total during combined fall and spring seasons.

(b) Nothing in this section is intended to prohibit the possession of rifles, shotgun/rifle combinations (drilling) or buckshot and slugs when the hunter is stalk hunting both deer and turkey provided no person shoots or attempts to shoot turkey with the rifle or shotgun using buckshot or slugs.

What time is best to turkey hunt?

The best time of year to hunt Turkey will also depend largely on what state you’re hunting in, but generally falls between early spring and mid-to-late fall. Time of Day: Since Turkeys make their nest in trees and on the ground in wooded areas, one of the best times of day to hunt is first thing in the morning.

What state does not have turkeys?

They can be found in 49 U.S. states, with the only exception being Alaska, Hughes said. In total, about 7 million wild turkeys live in the United States; prior to 1500, an estimated 10 million turkeys existed, he added.

Where is the best turkey hunting?

Best Turkey Hunting States for 2021

  • Alabama: Best State for Turkey Population and Shooting Multiple Birds.
  • Georgia: Best State for Longest Turkey Hunting Season.
  • Kansas: Best State for Hunting Multiple Turkey Species.
  • Kentucky: Best State for Hunting Different Terrain.


Can you kill 2 turkeys a day in Alabama?

Hunters are allowed to harvest a total of five turkeys, gobblers only–one per day, during the combined fall and spring seasons.

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How many does can you kill a year in Alabama?

Hunters can take three bucks per season, one of which must have at least four points an inch in length on one side. All antlered bucks taken in Barbour County must have a minimum of three points on one side, except during the statewide special youth deer hunting dates when any antlered buck can be taken.

Can you kill a buck and a doe in the same day in Alabama?

They have bagged two does in a day, just trying to fill up the freezer with meat.” The limit allows for one antlerless deer and one buck a day in the 2014-2015 season. Hunting in Alabama generate a yearly economic impact of about $1.8 billion, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Can you kill a bearded hen in Alabama?

Re: Bearded hens/Do you shoot or not? Bearded hens are legal here during the spring hunt.

The varying laws from state to state regarding shooting hens may confuse turkey hunters, especially those who hunt in multiple states. Many hunters ask, “Is it even okay to shoot hens?” The answer, simply, is yes, where it is legal, of course. … Where legal, bearded hens are fair game in the spring and fall seasons.

Is Turkey considered small game in Alabama?

In Alabama, Small Game includes all game animals and birds with the exception of deer and turkey. To hunt Small Game in Alabama, you must have the following: … IF hunting on a WMA, residents may possess a Wildlife Heritage License in lieu of a Small Game or All Game License. A WMA map permit is also required.

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