How did the duck feel with her life in the pond?

The duck was extremely disgusted with her life in the pond. She felt bored and wanted to see the world beyond the pond.

How does she feel in the pond?

How does she feel in the pond? Miserable.

Why was the duck unhappy with her life?

The duck was unhappy because she had been living a limited and confined life in the pond. She knew there was a big, vast world beyond her pond. The moment she saw a kangaroo hop near the pond she requested him to give her a ride. Quite interestingly, the kangaroo agreed to grant the duck’s wish.

Why did the duck feel bored in the pond?

Answer: The duck got bored because his life was resticted to pond, Where as he wanted to visit the whole world n so she asked kangaroo if he could help him to do so.

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What kind of life did the Duck lead in the pond?

The Duck was fascinated by the Kangaroo’s hopping because she herself could not hop. She had to lead a boring life swimming in a silly pond, so she admired the Kangaroo’s continuous hopping over the fields as well as water bodies. Q. 13.

How does the duck feel in the nasty pond?

Answer: The duck feels bored in the dirty pond and likes to hop like a kangaroo and the kangaroo took him a ride over the whole world and they hopped 3 times.

What was duck’s wish?

As the Duck was feeling bored in the pond, she wanted to see the world beyond. This let her request the Kangaroo to let her ride on his back with a promise to sit still and silent on his tail-end. She managed to bring woolen socks and smoked some cigar to keep her body warm.

What is Jelly Bo Lee?

The dee and the jelly bo Lee is from the poem the Duck and the Kangaroo by Edward Lear. These are more of Aussie slang. The duck is asserted that they will go to the Dee and the jelly bo lee. Both of them are imaginary places with no reference to the real world.

What is the duck’s wish Class 8?

Answer: The Duck wants to hop like the Kangaroo. And we’d go to the Dee, and the Jelly Bo Lee, Over the land, and over the sea ; Please take me on a ride !

What was kangaroo afraid of?

Answer: Kangaroo was afraid about the cold wet feet of duck and the sounds made by duck. he asked duck to be quiet during the ride.

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How did the duck ride on the Kangaroos back?

How did the Duck ride on the Kangaroo’s back? Ans. The Duck sat steady at the end of his tail. So that his balance might be maintained.

How did the kangaroo respond to the duck’s request?

The Kangaroo didn’t respond without thinking. The request needed ‘some little reflection’. He told the Duck frankly that her feet were unpleasantly wet and cold. … The Duck assured the Kangaroo that she had already made all arrangements to keep out wetness and cold.

What did the Kangaroo say to the duck?

The kangaroo didn’t at once agree. He said it required some thought. Perhaps it might bring him good luck. But he told the duck that her feet were wet and cold and her riding his back might cause him “Roomatiz”that is cold.

Why did the duck buy the socks?

The Duck bought four pairs of worsted socks to cover his webbed feet and avoid creating any inconvenience or trouble for the kangaroo. … The ‘webbed feet’ refer to the Duck’s feet.

How does the Duck want to pass his life?

Answer: The Duck feels sorry for himself as his own life is a bore in the nasty pond. The Duck wishes if he could hop like the Kangaroo and would go out in the world beyond. So, he requests the Kangaroo for a ride in it’s back.

How does the Duck describe his own life?

The Duck describes his life in the “nasty” pond as boring and stagnant where he wearily has to pass time sitting on the rocks . The idea of the pond being nasty suggests the stagnant state of the pond and the Duck’s life. The idea of the pond also suggests limitedness whereas the Duck wants to go round the world.

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