Does the size of duck decoys matter?

Re: Body Sizes Matter? Ducks find each other just fine. They dont need a decoy twice its size to see it. Buffleheads can just about fit in your hand and in the roughest of conditions they find each other perfectly fine.

Are bigger decoys better?

On a big lake, flooded field, or dry field where waterfowl may pass at long range, bigger decoys are better, though a mass of decoys (for example, 200 to 400) will have plenty visibility regardless of which size decoy is used.

Can you have too many duck decoys?

But generally, large spreads work best for big-water ducks or high-volume mallard and honker field shoots. A spread with 200 decoys isn’t out of the question in either situation. Conversely, when hunting streams or small potholes, a dozen or fewer suffice. Packing too many blocks in a small area won’t look natural.

How do you choose a duck decoy?

There are several elements to consider when it comes to the best duck decoys for your spread selection: hunting style, hunting location, and conveyance to and from the blind.

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What weight should duck decoys be?

8oz minimum for duck decoys on 25 foot cords or they float downriver. Most of them are 12oz weights (concrete in cups). Goose decoys need 1.5lb weights or they float down river.

How many duck decoys should I put out?

If you are going to hunt ducks in a serious manner, you’ll usually need at least two dozen decoys to start out. And more is better, since for waterfowl there is safety in numbers. Unless you throw your decoys in a boat and haul them around that way, you’ll need a good decoy bag or two for carrying them.

How many decoys do you need for a rice field?

Re: Huge spread in flooded rice? imo.. 6-12 decoys,a good caller and a good blind is all you really need.. no matter if you hunt a big lake or open field.

Is it bad to leave duck decoys out?

The birds will wise up over time and realize the decoys are not real. Depending what brand decoys you have leaving them out will be real tough on the paint, GHGs have a tendency to fade and discolor. IMO it is better for you to just pick them up and reset them if at all possible.

What is the best decoy spread for ducks?

Here are five downsized decoy spreads that just might help you put more birds in the bag this season with a lot less work.

  1. Shallow-Water Dabblers. VETERAN WATERFOWLER. …
  2. Green-Timber Greenheads. VETERAN WATERFOWLER. …
  3. Prairie Pothole Puddle Ducks. VETERAN WATERFOWLER. …
  4. Backwater Mallards. …
  5. Cold Combo for Late-Season Geese.
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Should I buy wood duck decoys?

Yes, you can actually decoy wood ducks . These quirky birds are notorious for snubbing decoys and calling, but that’s often the result of where, rather than how, you’re hunting. … But if you’re waiting for woodies at their final destination, they might fall right into your decoy spread like a flock of mallards.

How do I know if my duck decoy is valuable?

Factors that determine duck decoy value:

  1. Maker.
  2. Region.
  3. Decoy species.
  4. Condition.
  5. Scarcity.
  6. Strength of maker attribution.
  7. Size.


What is the purpose of a duck decoy?

A duck decoy is a device to capture wild ducks or other species of waterfowl. Formerly the birds were slaughtered and used for food. Decoys had an advantage over hunting ducks with shotguns as the duck meat did not contain lead shot. Consequently, a higher price could be charged for it.

Will mallards decoy to diver decoys?

Puddlers will sometimes decoy to diver setups, but they usually just fly over them and land outside the spread. So, it’s never a bad idea to put a few mallard blocks to the side of your diver decoys. You won’t spook any divers by doing so, and you might get a bonus greenhead with your bluebills.

What size tarred line for decoys?

I use heavy tarred (black) nylon line (size 48 or 60), which is very strong and will not rot. I use slipknots to tie line to decoy keels and weights. (To keep the line from unraveling and to prevent the knot from slipping, tie a simple overhand knot in both ends of the line before tying the slipknots.)

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How do you rig up duck decoys?

To rig single decoys, simply fasten the line to the weights, and then fasten the line to the decoys, and throw them out. Most decoys have holes in both ends of the keel. I like to tie two out of each dozen in the back hole so all the decoys don’t face in the same direction, adding more variety to the spread.

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